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Breaking Patterns Through Forgiveness – 10 October 2013

GetAttachmentIn an earlier post, I wrote about breaking patterns that we experience in our lives, and to have awareness of these patterns.  For those of us who are Kundalini active, we may have recollections of our past lives.  For me, these patterns have occurred over the course of several lifetimes. These pattern if recognized are our life lessons that we must learn in order to break them for healthier patterns for our soul lives. Continue reading


Grandpaw Peter Koyote – HIGHER Elevations – 10 October 2013

Uploaded on 10 October 2013 by Grandpaw Peter Koyote Gather around, as Grandpaw Koyote chats about the Higher View… the one seen from wayyyyy up here on The Mountain… It’s October already… Harvest Time… they say… 😉

Lucas – The Sword Of Perception – 10 October 2013

File:KHM Wien A 49 - Ceremonial sword of the Order of the Dragon, c. 1433.jpgIf perception is not seen just for what it is: ” Your own way of seeing things” ,  it becomes a tool that will be used for control, to keep religion going, to fight for your conviction, to confirm the dogma, to stick to the belief and to nurture culture, to have educational values confirmed, and scientific premises reassured to be right.  The word and language will strike the  sword of spoken and written words against all that has another perception.

The duality circle is all over and over still played out.  All the perceptions in the world make a beautiful mix of contrast that makes up the diversity and richness of all that is.  Still to see that all just is and has its place is not allowed. It is still fought over. The battle still commences where the sword is held up.  When swords are back in their place of neutrality in their scabbard the battle stops.

Words become explanations, interpretations and get symbolic meanings attached as language is misused for that what the story of the tower of Babel has told in the book of christianity.  The tongues of many speak the words of difference as they can not understand each other.  It is the division already provided in language. Why is our understanding of each other for the most part non-verbal communication without words? Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Energies Exploding – 10 October 2013

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It seems everywhere I go I keep hearing about the intensity of the energies right now. It is true, they grab your attention that’s for sure. Part of what we should do is stay quiet and let the energy integrate into us and become a part of us. Definitely it will do little good to fight against them. It is an obvious time for us to begin to learn how to work with these energies, They are not just something happening to us. We can learn to use these energies to propel us further along to where we are trying to go. It seems these energies are heralding in the splitting of the two worlds now, for along with them is coming unrest and chaos to those not securely grounded and aware. Unfortunately I believe the dark is trying to use these energies and unrest to their advantage as well. The Government keeps doing insane things that make little sense to many, but I think they are being done with a definite plan in mind. Get the people so worked up and create so much instability that reigning in the people will be called for. We are already seeing it happen with the shutdown. Things are totally out of whack and  people’s heads are spinning like the exorcist movie. That is just what they want and we should NOT comply and give them disorder of any kind! Continue reading

Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For The Week Of 9 October – 10 October 2013

Uploaded on 9 October 2013 by Tom Lescher Continue reading

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – Honoring Ancestors – 10 October 2013

DjwhalKhulDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. We’re going to work here with “Honoring Ancestors” and in a true spiritual format, honoring not just disembodiment but all incarnations and all ancestors which pretty much makes all of humanity interrelated and creates an honoring of all heritages, all cultures, all peoples upon the planet.

So honoring ancestry or ancestors is a way of feeling that interconnectedness with all of Creation. Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Releasing The Noise – 10 October 2013

JamyePrice2012closeupReleasing the Noise

It is easy to perceive or feel that life should be a different way.  It is one facet of the grand paradox of Life.  All is Well in this moment, yet all is changing in this moment.  If all is well, why is there change?  In these moments of paradox, you find new space.  When there is no definitive answer or direction, there is the void of potential.  Here you release your definitions and you find your dispersed, subtle nature that has not one answer, but multiple perspectives of Truth.  It is the way of Truth, it changes with you.  Within paradox, your truth expands; first undefined, then refined, then released again for the next wave of expansion.  This expansion is a result of you releasing your preconceived notions and definitions, opening your heart and mind and finding your new, expanded Self in the quiet moment of paradox.  The noise is the internal and external chatter that tries to define or hold stagnant the inevitable expansion. Continue reading