Lucas – Making Swords Into Plows – Getting Out Of Duality Cycles – 14 October 2013

Ouroboros-ZanaqIt is a grand view from above to see what is happening at the moment. Lots of movement and retraction, push and pull and still they do  not perceive One that all encompasses and is all in the end what they seek.

The way of polarity cycles is still perceived and used to be experiencing duality. The moment you step  into the middle you only will see what all is but not perceive it as polarities but as choices.

You can make the free will choice to go on living and perceiving duality or you go into the middle and feel that the inner knowing will make you see the unity of both in balance.

A weapon becomes a tool of  new beginnings of  something else if you perceive it to be so.  The sword become a plow.  What is your ability to see things in a different light and still just see it?

The elevating  vibrational energies and changes to humanity,  earth  and the multiverse are making choices of seeing in a different way.  More choose to see One in all instead of One as  two polarized parts.

Fractal is a sequence of repetitive nature.  It makes things in a limited form even if perceived as endless. We go now beyond knowledge and scientific belief structures of things to be or not.

We surpass knowledge of quantum physics and quantum mechanics that all is and is not at the same time in the same space always and see all is possible. We surpass our time into timelessness.

Where cycles are there is learning and living. The ouroboros. When cycles are ended the learning is over and all goes back to its origin.  The One enclosed becomes again the One opened.  0 /1

We are moving forward to eventually create new structures, new starting points and new ways of being.  The Ones opened will find their way spiraling down the river of creation.

The new awaits on the other side. The only way you can see and feel is by experience of perception and realization by creational vibrational energy force that is  all you.

The creators mark is you’re doing.  The earth will be plowed and the seeds sawn as the new will sprout the way we intent, imagine and be the new. The One becomes fully established again.

Be sure the world is changing in more ways and on multiple levels and multidimensional levels.  Feeling it inside is seeing it outside. Be making that transition into your heart  and connect to source.

Love and Light,


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