Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Astrology Journal For This Week – 14 October 2013

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TUE: Mars enters Virgo, Sun opposite Eris; WED: Chiron square Venus, Uranus trine Venus; THU: Chiron sesquisquare Sun; FRI: Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon 4:37pm PDT; SAT: Neptune opposite Mars

I’VE BEEN REVISITINGmy notes from my teleclass back in June, where we talked about planetary influences in the last six months of 2013. Here’s what I wrote in my script for October:

“October seems like a turning point month to me. An important shift is set to occur in the weeks leading up to the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th, a shift that marks the next step in our evolutionary process.”

Based on my own life and recent conversations with clients and friends, I would say there’s a strong sense of “turning point” in the air. Something is ready to shift.

THE ENERGIES seem to be swirling in place at the moment. What is happening is a clearing of lower vibrations from our emotional, mental and physical bodies. The result is that we are experiencing similar challenges and situations over and over as the energies circle around.

We may feel stuck and confused by this “neverending story” — but if we can visualize the outdated emotional-mental-physical patterning being spun off, we can feel a rewarding sense of peace and calm beneath the storm. Then, when the gates finally open, those swirling energies will be ready to cascade into new territory, and we will move on as well.

PART OF THE BUILDUP of tension relates to the upcoming eclipses — the Lunar Eclipse on Friday of this week, and the Solar Eclipse on November 3. We’re also in the energy wave of the fourth Pluto-Uranus square, which is exact on November 1. Each of these planetary events is a potential gate-opener.

Our Lunar Eclipse is in the 26th degree of Aries, which corresponds with this Sabian symbol:

“A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold: Obsession by potentiality.”

I CAN RELATE to that somewhat enigmatic phrase: “Obsession by potentiality.” There’s such a strong sense of potential in the air, it’s a bit difficult to stay on track with current reality. The mind and heart continue to want to live in the possibilities that lie ahead.

Here’s an abridged version of the interpretation of this symbol, offered by Dane Rudhyar in his book An Astrological Mandala:

“The mind which finds itself confronted with a totally unfamiliar and as yet unexperienced potential finds it difficult at first to adjust to its new world of perception and possibilities of action. It is best to try to reach a state of calm watchfulness, and to learn that even at this new, more advanced level, there are rules and limits to be learned… At this evolutionary stage, we must move carefully, for our consciousness is not yet fully able to operate in it.”

We’ve already been working with the energies represented by this symbol for a couple of weeks, since the New Moon on October 4. Perhaps that explains why life seems even more confusing and out-of-control than usual.

MARS ENTERS VIRGO on Tuesday, and quickly moves into place opposite Neptune in Pisces. While this opposition is not exact until Saturday, we are likely to feel it starting on Tuesday and lasting for about a week.

Mars represents the action principle — our ability to know what we want and to go after it. In Virgo, Mars is driven by a strong need to control and have everything go according to plan. Neptune, in the other corner, represents our ability to surrender the needs of the ego and to base our well-being on a knowing of our cosmic connections.

WITH THESE TWO in opposition, we will be working with a strong disillusionment with old ways of managing reality. It will be clear that any attempts to coerce or control are counterproductive, and that our plans must be flexible, to allow guidance from another level of reality. We will also be dissolving the ego’s need for perfection — both in self and in the process of life.

All oppositions require us to find a balance point in the middle. The fulcrum of the Neptune-Mars opposition is knowing what we can control and accepting what we cannot, doing the tasks that we define as important, and surrendering outcomes with faith that a higher plan is in effect.

MIDWEEK brings Venus into the spotlight, with Venus square Chiron and trine Uranus on Wednesday. Venus represents our relationships with other people and with the material/financial aspects of our reality.

Venus is currently in Sagittarius, so is appreciating its freedom and the ability to come and go as desired in relationship. Financially, this may mean having less awareness of the commitments that require conservative and responsible action.

THE VENUS-CHIRON SQUARE creates an obstacle that reins in the carefree/careless action. Chiron in Pisces hopes to remind us of our interconnectedness, to heal our knowing of Oneness. Chiron intends for Venus to remember the importance of compassion and humility.

At the same time, the Venus-Uranus trine provides the potential for change. Uranus in Aries is anxious to move forward into the future, to leave the old forms behind. This is a fortuitous aspect to have at this time, as it will assist us in having the courage and flexibility to redefine our journey by accessing the great treasure of new ideas, possibilities and wisdom available to us.


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