Watch “Free Energy – Luminaries ft. Aishah [Elevate Solution Series] – 14 October 2013

Uploaded on 9 November 2011 by elevate (Thanks Joe Eigo)

“Free Energy” is the first release of ELEVATE’s Solution Series, featuring the Luminaries. The series in intend to bring awareness to globally significant issues and their solutions. Free Energy was produced in conjunction with Pachamama Alliance. Our production team for Free Energy was Will Bystrov, Felipe Soares, JQuest Ionz, Kevin Carpenter and Mikki Willis.

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To gather round
The moments now
How will it all turn out?

To gather round
The moments now
How will it all turn out?

Ever think what the wars are fought for?

Ever dream that the world could be more?

My stand, my life, I vow, one day

We can do it together


There’s a public outcry for people who want a better planet

And there are powers that be that let the people panic

Look at the Gulf & Japan could they have really planned it?

Heading for the ice berg like the Titanic

Atlantic mystery, Atlantis wiped from history

The truth about the pyramids, n ancient Mayan Prophecy

Space odyssey, look into the anomalies

and you will find suppression of free energy technology

A false democracy born out of a monopoly sacred knowledge robbery

like the towers they toppling

There’s no stopping Free,

J Brave

Guido C.

Coming from the Inner Me —


The oil’s running dry,

Our monies burning out

Solar panels on the roof of the white house —


We bringing on some real change

Water catchment systems,

We collecting rain


To gather round
The moments now
How will it all turn out?
And from the crowd
Be the one who’s demanding change
it’s time for free energy

Time to free energy






Stay tuned for our next release, “Hemp.”

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