Bill Ballard – Cosmic Magnetics – Ascension – Twin Flames – Current Fractals – 15 October 2013

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It appears our Sun has shifted magnetic polarities and is firing up again. We currently have 4 “M” class CMEs aimed at us from solar flares these past days. They will be incoming 1 per day these next days. I will be willing to bet that we will see some X Class flares occurring really soon as things heat up. Between our Sun/Helios and those of us activating on Earth… WE are really LIGHTING this little blue planet up! Yeeeeehaw….. Ascension is underway FULL FORCE NOW!

It is interesting how it is affecting those of us consciously raising our frequencies and going through our ascension process. It is also interesting how the fractals are also occurring on a local, national, global and collective scale. It’s also going on with our Twin Flames whether we are with them or not or whether they are consciously going through their ascension/enlightenment process or not. The magnetics affects ALL, and NOTHING will be left untouched. There is a process of magnetic mechanics unfolding.

As I have been going through my personal clearing these past weeks, and for me a very small bit of anger at the quantum level has been super amplified by the intense LIGHT and Frequency I hold in my field really making this feel uncomfortable, I had to look at what was causing this. The smallest things in polarity really has an effect on us as we expand our beings and LIGHT quotient in our fields, just like being under a magnifying glass. What seems so small feels so very big… But that is necessary because we cannot carry these issues or emotional baggage with us into higher vibrations and frequency, aka higher dimensional states of conscious awareness. Clearing MUST be done at all levels before one can move higher and take more initiations.

We are ALL going through this right now. It is so very beautiful to watch… and there are those who are fighting the shift into their hearts and because of that having a not so fun time right now. Then there are others of us who have indeed shifted into our hearts, living in 5D and still having clearings going on as we go through higher levels of our initiations and further clearing. There is more and more going deeper and deeper, and as I said above, the smallest becomes so greatly amplified when we have increased our LIGHT and Frequency to higher levels.

This MUST be done before anyone of us makes it to our Avatar Abilities… You cannot have someone who can manifest instantly still having bad thoughts and emotions or aggressions towards another… What could happen if you have individuals doing this? You could seriously harm another, a localized area, or even if you were powerful enough, even the whole of the Universe… THAT IS Why you don’t have negative beings in 5D! They don’t exist there and persons who say they do simply HAVE NOT MADE IT TO 5D and into their own hearts yet to comprehend what they claim… No negative ET or Archons in 5D or above… they are not in their hearts… 5D is simple, shifting the individual’s consciousness from head out of ego and into Heart/LOVE… That’s a fact Jack!

There are many of us working on our individual Avatar Abilities. With that we have to clear all down to the quantum level in our beings. No negative emotions can remain if we wish to achieve this new way of magical being and living. Someone commented on a post on my wall where Andy Bojarski does a St Germain channeling where the message is how pure we must be to achieve this state we intend on becoming. The person said, “Oh, and all you have to do is to be perfect.” Well yeah… That’s Right! WE have to clear ALL OUR CRAP before we can enter a state of being like that which wields so much power, or we could do great harm in a single thought and emotion that is not of the highest state of being. Do ya see? Haha

It’s all a very wonderful process we EACH are going through right now… The whole of the collective WILL ascend, or until they do, ass-end… hehe

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