Sophia Love – Update October 14th – 15 October 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Update October 14, 2013

Hello. Just checking in. I recently saw this:

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Wondering if you have any further information.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


Not much to say right now Sophia. Everything proceeding as it supposed to, the will of humanity will be fulfilled and old promises will come to life.

The Ariel Sharon is still alive, but his consciousness is indeed like it is said there, like a plant’s – at a minimal level. He is alive, but only may able to support his body in alive state. If many people would want him to recover, it will happen so, but many people, many of muslims wished him bad things for what he did in the past and they asked Allah – God to help them, and this wish has been granted.

During his life he ordered many bad things to happen while he was a military commander, most of these things are unknown to the public as everything that was happening in Israeli wars from 1948 to 1970s was covered up and archives of military crimes committed by Israel were destroyed at once so that no one would find out this, U.S. and Britain were helping in this most prominently.

With the bloom of press and video recordings, they were finding it harder to do so. As an example, one massacre of mostly palestinian and shiites People that happened in 1982 forced Ariel Sharon to resign from his military carrier. He always was considered the most highest commander in modern Israel, because of his deeds for protecting Israel and unfortunately decreasing the number of palestinians..

Here You can hear the sound of a Soul

Peace, Tranquility, Prosperity.
To Your knowledge, You heard about 17th october, it is a time when U.S. treasury’s reserves will run out, this is where illuminati order and U.S. government will have to decide the faith of U.S., whether to increase the debt ceiling or not, maybe making something different.

They have different choices, but to please The People, they will have to make a default which will concentrate all efforts on U.S. inner politics, which is also meant they will lose trust of foreign countries and many “allies” as well.

I can’t see default very clearly and think they will try to stretch this decision making as far as they can.

Peace and Love to You! link to original article

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