Wes Annac – The One Consciousness That Is Our Universal Family – 15 October 2013

wes-annac-300x229Note: I recognize that I’m taking a leap with this writing, but the hope is that it’ll assist those who can bear with me and those who it resonates with.

Our Universal Family is beckoning for me and us all to discover them and their existence in expanded and realer ways than I/we have thus far, and I find myself exiting many of my former perceptions of the Universal collective I and plenty of others have referred to as the Company of Heaven.

I speak solely for myself with what I’m about to say, and my experience and the resulting emerging perspective doesn’t have to coincide with yours. We’re all growing into greater perceptions of our Universal Family in our own unique ways, and I’d like to communicate the personal understanding I’m reaching, which quite honestly resonates with me and will potentially serve me greatly.

Previously, I was more involved with labels and specific facts about the Company of Heaven or certain collectives comprising them than I was with their existence and the assistance they have to offer humanity.

For me, labels were the name of the game and I gave much of my energy to identifying and characterizing those who spoke to or through me. I’ve focused specifically on the Pleiadians; then the Ascended Masters; then the Hathors; then specific individuals in any one of these collectives – on and on I could go.

I can respect and appreciate if attributing specific identities to different facets of our Universal Family resonates with you, because it’s resonated wholly with me up until this point of expansion in my personal understanding.

This is my path – your expansion could come about with an allotted understanding of the identities of specific ascended entities and collectives, but mine is causing me to scrutinize what could potentially be human, label-based understandings of our Family.

My path up to this point has included connecting with specific and various individuals/collectives, but I’m beginning to feel as if I’ve perhaps employed distortion by personally focusing more on who they are than their guidance, assistance and energy.

I find a more general understanding regarding our Universal Family developing, and the messages I intend to have them bring through from this point on will perhaps reflect that.

I’m so excited to continue communicating with the Galactics, Angelics, etc. comprising our Family, and I’m equally excited to see how their communications and energy expand through me as I embrace this generalized understanding of them.

While more general than most understandings and the resulting channeled messages posted to the internet, my feeling is that this’ll enable a much more direct and personal connection with these beings than I’ve attained thus far.

I want to throw this next thing out there with care and Love, because my intention isn’t to alienate or condemn the multitudes of fellow spiritual seekers who doing this still resonates with. If I can be honest, I don’t feel the need to associate with the perceived hype that can come with channeling specific entities as much as I used to.

I wouldn’t want you to come to a message channeled through me just because it had the Pleiadians’ or Jeshua’s label attached to it, and I’m beginning to feel that while those labels have worked for us awakening souls with our human perceptions up to this point, they’ll perhaps become outdated as we grow out of the need to separate, label and identify.

Feel free to disagree, but this is the idea presenting itself to me and I’m willing to embrace it. The Pleiadians; Sirians; Arcturians; Andromedans; Hathors; Ascended Masters; they’re all realer than I could express and they’re all a part of the united, One consciousness of Love that is our Universal Family.

I’m proud to really begin letting them speak through me to humanity in a manner that displays this One consciousness and orients our focus less toward labels and identities, and I think that their communications and my ability to pick up on them will only grow from here.

I can say with Love that it feels very liberating to more or less exit (or perhaps expand) a paradigm of understanding/identifying our Universal Family that’s begun to become outdated for me personally.

Wes Annac – Aiming my focus toward progress and expansion in every way. It’s a new era!

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