Lucas – The Inside Outside Job – Rubber Bands And Elasticity – 16 October 2013

Rubber bands in different colors by
Bill Ebbesen

Things get exposed fast and real intent and hidden agendas seen and questioned.  These are the days of truths…. yes, multiple! No one has yet the whole picture as it is still unfolding.  What is seen though is that even the insiders are doing a great job to break down all and are undermining themselves the foundations of the structure that already is wobbly. This gets all reflected in seemingly contradictory messages and indications some perceived as good going in the right way and some perceived bad and going in the wrong way. Still nothing is wrong or right.

The changes on the outside are made from the inside.  All the changes of position, perception, belief and conduct are that of changes in the inner structures of the self. It all has to do with the balancing of opposites that need to find their rightful place back to One again. Every swing in magnetic will have its effect and affect. Electrics can ease a bit but not what is in its core being magnetic.  Certain things are just part of you and will be even if unwanted,  interfering or difficult or perceived as evil come with you.  No matter what it needs to be embraced and given a place within without getting into giving all of it too much attention.

Just know it IS and is there. That is good enough. Fighting or expelling it will not work. This is also the case on the outside of your now perceived reality. Things perceived as evil or bad are part of that what needs to be processed to get things back whole again.  If you do not see it is broken, you can not fix it or replace it with something new. So all has its reason and its purpose in the now. This understanding will give you a new perception on things happening and will help to perceive even that what is bad as having a good side to it.

What is shown is that a rubber band will stretch for a certain time and pull back.  This will go on till there is no elasticity anymore. In this moment things become neutral or out of polarity or cease to be out of balance.  The emerging new will come fully to be in that moment.  We are very close. Some rubber bands will already stop  to stretch or snap. The snapped bands will have a further stretch and snap again and so on.  All will  stop stretching or snap till it is broken down to its pieces.

Within ourselves this is also happening.  That what still needs to break down to come back to neutral will do so. For some who refuse or chose not to go on their journey or are still in the beginning of their journey lots will be appearing they need to handle. Others have travelled already the road a bit longer and will go through a more deep and profound experience to bring things to neutral.  Often traumatic experiences and connections over lifetimes  on multidimensional level will need to be sorted. The onion still gets peeled till its core.

Magnetics and  polarities always will have a push-pull effect and attract or detract effect.  Till things find the right level of so to say tension/vibrational frequency/distance/resonance  to be in neutral this will last. Not feeding the push or pull effect will give you sooner results. So escaping or denying or even fighting it will not help.  Being neutral is accepting all just is. All is in itself good as it is in the now. Key is to see al all that is in balance has to have Two in equilibrium to make up One in balance.

What is right or wrong?  What is good  or  bad? Words! Language!  It all are just expressions of the same. In mythology there was once a Janus figure. He had a head with two faces.  It does not matter what face you show you are still the same one just in an alternate perception. Those perceiving to be the controllers of humanity spread the dogmas and beliefs that there is good and bad and those two parts could not be united. That is duality you have been taught to perceive in all its facets.

The duality experiment ended last year 2012 and now is in the dissolving phase. The last pieces are to be broken down to make the core visible and the last push and pull effects will be seen. More and more the effect of balance will emerge out of this.  Be joyful and see all will come to a good end. It will not end bad only if your choice is to perceive it like that.

Happy days and new beginnings are to be.  Start up your imagination and dream your new world into being for all in equality. It will become real. All of it. Know you are the power and it lies within you. Heart- Source connected you will see it is YOU you have been waiting for.

Love and Light,


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