Sophia Love – Off Wor(l)d Update – 18 October 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Update October 18, 2013

It looks like you were correct. Now stretched until January 2014.

Much love,

They made a wise decision for their survival, because People of America became more aware of their deeds and People’s discontent have grown significantly. Now they will try not to make more government shutdowns as this can grow into their complete removal from office. Though their removal is very close without need to shutdown government once again.

During this government shutdown they haven’t found any good solutions to their growing problems and one of their nuclear plots have been thwarted by reasonable military in pentagon. They also came to biological pandemic plot, this reasonable military may just spoil this plot as well. The virus is based on swine flu and bird flu, a new type of flu. They will try to spread it over most populated areas on the world and in U.S. close to winter time to force everyone to make vaccination like it was with previous flus to save U.S. from this instigated disease. Good thing I see that they will fail to do this.

In the end overall, they won’t be able to fool the world any longer, the huge political scandal and their removal is very close. The promised rebirth will be made during this solar cycle, the time will be before next cycle, somewhere when ISON will arrive, a great comet body.

Let One Bless You, We are One and United.

Peace and Love to You as always! / link to original article

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