SunTrust Banks 3rd-Quarter Net Down 82% On Mortgage-Settlement Costs – Update – 18 October 2013


( Lucas : This is an example of what all banks should do pay back all. It was not their money in the first place but yours.. they made you belief you needed to pay interest and the full mortgage/home loan back… They already were paid … that is what you did not know when signing. That application was their trade paper… and it has made them huge sums. Now they cry over losses and lawsuits, etc….)

By Andrew R. Johnson and Ben Fox Rubin

A slew of mortgage issues hammered SunTrust Banks Inc.’s (>> SunTrust Banks, Inc.) third-quarter earnings, as the Atlanta lender agreed to shell out more than $1 billion to end several legal issues while grappling with a slump in loan refinancing that has slammed the banking industry.

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