TheOne-DreamDreamer – Ever Wondered What The Three Of Life Represents? – 18 October 2013



All the many You that share a Soul (the trunk) and experience hundreds of lives (the leaves).

And the Soul you’re a fractal of is simply your Higher Self. The You that is not split into all the pieces, the You that Sees and OverSees all at once. The You that is never on this side of the veil and at the same time always is.

Still You.

It all Is You.

And it is quantum.

At least all that part of You that is not currently living a 3dimensional life. And that can  be a part of you that is actually living in your body right now. As you are becoming quantum too. So there are parts of you, the very you that is reading these words right now, that are quantum and parts that are not yet.

How is that possible?

Cause humanity is EVOLving!

Every time you feel Joy in the most challenging situations or in Love when you look at yourself in the mirror and See God… Every time you feel grateful for your Life and for the amazing things you are co-creating… every time you can Feel what is happening somewhere else and wonder why… when you know what others are feeling and become able to help them out of their box… every time you see the concept of a situation and get the solution even before deciding whether you can do it or not…

you are being quantum.

You are being MultiDimensional. As you are talking to YourSelf and having an exchange of information with It. You tap into that Tree of Life you are and take anything you need into your Now. You get in contact with all the parts of your Soul and create a fair exchange of information.  😉

That is the Magnificence of Your Soul.

For You Are the TREE OF LIFE!

Because your roots are MultiDimensional and your leaves are bringing that multidimensional lymph into the new grid of the Planet. Because that Grid is the result of Human Consciousness and the more Human Consciousness  becomes MultiDimentional the more does the Grid and Gaja itself. This is the EVOLution that is taking place right now. That is the EVOLution of the paradigm that shifted the energy.

That is the meaning of becoming a MultiDimentional BEing. It means you get more and more in contact with all parts of You! More and more! And the more you allow it to happen the more you fall in LOVE with it (that is YOU) and the more it happens.

It is not a fortnight event. It takes time. But it is happening. And all those that came to start the process are seeing it taking its first breath of Life on the Planet. FINALLY!

You see it in the way you perceive time as time changes its rules once you become able to tap into other parts of yourSelf. It seems to be going faster… more intense… more things happen in such a short time…!!


Because you are no more confined into a linear action. Now you can reach forth and back and it makes you feel as if you saved ‘time’. You do things you could not even think of doing only a few years ago.

And this is YOU! YOU did this.

Thank you Humanity. Now lets make it a good seeding.

Love, You ;-) link to original article

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