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I know many folks are cruising along well ahead of many in their awakening process and that is wonderful. There are also many who are still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes and I wish to be there for them as well and to offer a suggestion to those people in hopes it may help them find the courage to embrace the truth of today’s reality. In my last post I mentioned how I no longer wish to keep suggesting what people should do, instead, I said it was time to stand on your own, go within yourselves and find your own answers. That task must begin with having a strong foundation and a trust in yourself. I offer this post about laying your foundation to all those wishing direction on how to do this and then it is up to you to break free and fly alone. In order to face today’s truths, we require a strong foundation to stand upon and a strong sense of self and an unwavering trust in ourselves. For a very long time now we have been taught to listen to the Government and forget about ourselves. Now is the time to reverse that process and listen to yourselves and forget what the Government has to say. If you have a strong foundation you can withstand all the violent storms that beat against you and threaten to bring you down. So how does one build that strong foundation for security?

Foundations are built upon the Covenants of Harmony. If you live from your heart and choose to see life for what is right with it, rather than what is wrong with it, your strength builds and as it does your trust in what you believe and think builds also. If you are able to stand on your own two feet without doubts about yourself you remain unshakable. The Covenants of Harmony are simple but require you to devote yourself to living this way and adopting it as your way of life, everyday! Do this and you will banish all fears, the great destroyer of strength. Live your life by the Covenants of Harmony and you will need no guidance from others. I wish to leave you with this so you have a direction to go in as you begin to awaken fully. Write them down and put them somewhere you will see them often as a reminder. Do not live in fear, rather live your life in Harmony and all will be well, no matter what storms crash upon the rocks beneath you.

Suggested Covenants of Harmony or walking the spiritual path are as follows:

Always live life from your heart and never judge others or yourself harshly.

Always look for the good buried within the bad. Difficult moments are there to teach us lessons and help us grow.  Learn to embrace them as your friend not your enemy.

Always wake up each day with gratitude for being alive, and make it your intention to do your very best for that day.

Always accept what life throws at you as what is ‘meant to be’ and deal with it with a positive attitude. There is a reason for everything.

Always be mindful of the power of your thoughts and remain positive. [The thoughts you think create the reality that you live!!]

Always trust in Creators guidance and go willingly.

Always choose the higher road, the path with higher morals and always do what is right. You always have the choice.

Always respect others and allow them to live their lives as they choose without harm to others.

Always be giving and kind to others and show compassion to all.

Always listen carefully to your Higher Self for it knows what is best for you. In other words listen to your gut!

Always listen to others as intently as you speak. There is an art to listening.

Always live from your heart; live with love, think with love and act with love.

By heeding these covenants everyday your life will flow more easily, your trust in yourself will grow immeasurably and your foundation will be strong enough to hold you up.

Blessings to all,

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