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Sophia Love – Update October 18, 2013 And October 19th, 2013 – 19 October 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

It looks like you were correct. Now stretched until January 2014.

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They made a wise decision for their survival, because People of America became more aware of their deeds and People’s discontent have grown significantly. Now they will try not to make more government shutdowns as this can grow into their complete removal from office. Though their removal is very close without need to shutdown government once again. Continue reading


Phys.org – Calif. Finds More Instances Of Offshore Fracking – 19 October 2013


The oil production technique known as fracking has been occurring on offshore platforms and man-made islands off some of Southern California’s most populous coastal communities.

Interviews and drilling records obtained by The Associated Press show fracking has occurred at least 200 times over the past two decades in waters off Long Beach, Seal Beach and Huntington Beach.

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Little Relief From Mountain Fires In NSW Is Expected Before Tuesday – 19 October 2013

The Australian

ANOTHER tough day is ahead for hundreds of firefighters in NSW, especially those who are struggling against a big bushfire in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney where almost 200 properties have already been destroyed.

Temperatures are expected to climb again, humidity is predicted to drop and there is a warm, dry wind change forecast.

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ZeroHedge – JP Morgan Problem Writ Large – 19 October 2013

ZeroHedgeAuthored by Howard Davies, originally posted at Project Syndicate,

JPMorgan Chase has had a bad year. Not only has the bank just reported its first quarterly loss in more than a decade; it has also agreed to a tentative deal to pay $4 billion to settle claims that it misled the government-sponsored mortgage agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac about the quality of billions of dollars of low-grade mortgages that it sold to them. Other big legal and regulatory costs loom. JPMorgan will bounce back, of course, but its travails have reopened the debate about what to do with banks that are “too big to fail.”

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Aish North – A History Of Creation – Part 5 – 19 October 2013

AishaNorthAs we have been saying this ocean of creative energy is there waiting for you all to dip into, and when you do, you will find the experience an exhilarating one, for then you will feel at home for the very first time in literally ages, and as such, it will be like coming home after a prolonged walk in the desert. For you are so thirsty for knowledge, and finally, you stand at the edge of the fountain where every thirst will be quenched as soon as you start to drink from it. We speak in parables again, so let us move on to what you are here for, namely to get a little bit more light on the actual process of creation.

As we have talked about earlier, it is indeed a very complex one, but at the same time an infinitely simple one. The ingredients are few, it is in fact only two, creativity combined from energy and consciousness, and this in turn will be able to create all sorts of things by the same simple process: setting energy into vibration by adding the consciousness by way of energetic imprints that in turn engender All there is. This vibrational force is underestimated by humans, as you tend to see things from a very different perspective. For you want to break down everything into tiny little fragments that can be isolated and as such, you diversify when it is much simpler to quantify by other means.

Vibrational forces are the ones that build everything you see, and even the things you are unable to see. For vibration is what everything IS, and as such, the particles in themselves are merely there to make vibration visible or tangible if you will. For the particles are the ones that makes the friction and friction is indeed a very important part of this whole process, for vibration in itself is simply one side of the equation. You can create a single object if you will, but only when it starts to interact with others, will you create creativity on such a scale, it will begin to BECOME what you want it to be. For everything has a specified frequency, and only when this set frequency starts to interact with other frequencies, will the result be interesting enough. For there is no such thing as one hand clapping, as everything that there IS needs at least one more thing to be able to BE. It is a bit like the cat in the box again. The box is necessary for the cat to BE, and the cat is necessary for the box to BE as well. And when we say BE, it is as in REASON to be. A simple object is no thing without the observer, but the observer also needs more than one thing to observe in order to create life. For life is the meeting point of all the different frequencies, and it is in fact the exact opposite of the still point. For the still point is where the intake of breath occurs, but the chaos is where the out breath if you will, the Creation, really comes about.

We have mentioned the word chaos before, and we will do so again, for we know the mere word in itself has been imprinted with so much negativity for humans and we ask, have you perhaps stopped to think why that is? Why do you fear chaos and hanker for control in every way? And why is the word control such a huge part of human consciousness? It is this very fact that has served to disconnect humanity from this ocean of creative energy, for when you start to CONTROL things, you literally stop life from forming. For then, it is your mind that is leading the way, and as you all know, a human’s mind is not about expanding freely, it is all about following a set of rules that has been programmed into you by those set on CONTROLLING you. And so you see, what you have always deemed as negative is the only way to CREATE. It is to let go of control, and let the creative forces that collide every time one frequency clashes into another have the freedom to do just that. And when they do, it all starts to LIVE, and so too will you, as you little by little learn to let go of that old and ingrained habit of trying to stay in control. For control leads to certain death, as it will narrow the field of possibilities every time something new arises, whereas chaos ensures eternal LIFE, for it will only serve to increase the number of possibilities every time something new is created that is allowed to interact with All there is from before.

And so you see, the control mechanism that is so hard for you to let go of, is the one that has led humanity down into an ever narrower corridor, away from the light, whereas now, the chaos will again set you free by removing any remaining walls that still obscures the view. For when you have CONTROL as the main driving force behind you, you will never create anything of true and lasting value. And so, what you need to do, is to create freely without having to set any set standards as to what and how this in itself will interact with the rest of Creation. Of course, there are limits, and these limits have been set by the vibrational field that governs it all, and as such, nothing will be able to be created that will have a willfully destructive force so that it can create havoc with the rest. And so the forces that are being created will be forces that will interact with everything that has already become in a way that will not only boost so much of what is, but it will also serve to disable those things that are not vital enough to be able to interact with these new frequencies.

Again we have the cycle of creation and destruction, but it is all balanced in such a way that what is begotten will not have any ability to wipe out the rest. For this cyle of creation and destruction will not be allowed to tip into a negative spiral as in more destruction than creation, and as such, you have no need to worry that your endeavours will leave any scars on this whole process. For you are simply not able to do that when you start to sip from this huge ocean of vast and endless possibilities. For what you sip, are the waters of life, and as such, the life force will always come out as an end result. So take your time and let go of the fear of becoming the destroyer of all, for that is not possible. And if something comes apart because one of your creations starts to interact with its field of harmonics, it is because it is meant to do so. For then, what you have created is far better adapted to bring this whole cycle a step further than what the other part of Creation could do. And so, when the time is right, everything that has at one time been created will cease to be, and it will return to that endless ocean, waiting to BEcome once again, and it in turn will interact with All of Creation in such a way, it will cause other parts of it to become redundant and obsolete and returned to become Source material once again. And so this cycle goes on and on, producing more LIFE from chaos, making light out of the dark void of unknowing, letting new life be born out of it all.

www.aishanorth.wordpress.com / link to original article

AmericanKabuki – The Irish Banking Revolution – 19 October 2013

American-Kabuki-New-7-8-13-fThanks to Riana, Mac Domhnaill and G.D. for keeping

 me informed of what’s going on in Ireland. -Bill

Published on Oct 16, 2013

If you are genuine and need help, its available. Continue reading

CommonDreams – Farmers And Consumers Applaud WA State AG Bob Ferguson For Holding Junk Food Lobby Accountable For Illegal Donations In GMO Labeling Fight – 19 October 2013

October 18, 2013
2:33 PM
CONTACT: Food Democracy Now

Brett Abrams at 516-841-1105 or by email at brett@fitzgibbonmedia.com.

Farmers and Consumers Applaud WA State AG Bob Ferguson for Holding Junk Food Lobby Accountable for Illegal Donations in GMO Labeling Fight

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – October 18 – In an incredible development for GMO labeling supporters in Washington state and across the U.S., Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), the junk food lobbying group that has plowed in more than $7.2 million to defeat Yes on 522, Washington’s GMO labeling initiative, for allegedly lying about donations from America’s largest food companies.

Dave Murphy, founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now! a national grassroots movement of more than 650,000 farmers and citizens dedicated to building a sustainable food system, applauded Attorney General Ferguson’s actions as heroic, saying:

The Washington Attorney General’s office alleges what members of the sustainable food community have known for years, that the Grocery Manufacturers Association and it’s members are willing to do anything to deny Americans their basic right to know what’s in their food. Rather than support mandatory labeling standards for genetically engineered foods, the GMA has set up a secret slush fund within their DC-based lobbying shop to illegally launder campaign donations to defeat GMO labeling in Washington. Already the opposition has raised over $17 million dollars to defeat GMO labeling in Washington. Giant food corporations like Pepsi, Kraft, Kellogg’s, Coke, Starbucks and General Mills are hiding behind the GMA with their $7.2 million contribution to defeat consumers right to know what is in their food.  But this time, we wont let them.  Attorney General Ferguson has taken a huge step to making sure that Monsanto and the GMA can’t buy this vote with deceptive advertising and we applaud his heroic effort.

More than 150,000 members of Food Democracy Now! have taken action in favor of the passage of Yes on 522, a ballot measure mandating the labeling of GMO food products in the State.


Food Democracy Now! is a grassroots community dedicated to building a sustainable food system that protects our natural environment, sustains farmers and nourishes families.

www.commondreams.org link to original article

CommonDreams – Police Block Maldives Presidential Vote – 19 October 2013

common-dreamsThis is a coup,’ said one Mohamed Nasheed supporter

– Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Police in the Maldives blocked re-scheduled presidential elections on Saturday, bringng further upheaval to the Indian Ocean nation.

Reuters reports that the Maldives Continue reading

NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – Thousands Of Citizens In India Killed By Reckless Big Pharma Drug Trials – 19 October 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) The second largest country in the world, India, has become a hotbed of pharmaceutical fraud, as unscrupulous drug companies, mostly from the West, continue to use India’s generally poorer populations as human guinea pigs in unethical and flat-out inhumane clinical trials. And India’s Supreme Court is finally taking action against this massive organized crime ring by ordering India’s health ministry to justify its approval of 162 global clinical trials to take place in the country. Continue reading

NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – Bionic Man Warns Of Corporate-Driven Rise Of Robots; Humanity May Be In Danger If No Ethics Are Enforced – 19 October 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) Ethical concerns are always a topic of discussion when it comes to the intersection of technology and humanity, and as the rise of robots progresses, there are ethical questions which need to be addressed, says one expert.

Academic Bertolt Meyer, who is nicknamed “the bionic man,” said recently “that scientists and engineers should not be allowed to launch some technological advances on the open market without a prior ethical debate,” Britain’s Guardian newspaper reports. Continue reading