RT – Fracking “Too Dangerous To Health And Climate” To Be Allowed – 19 October 2013

RT logoDeveloping fracking technologies and extracting previously inaccessible hydrocarbon reserves is the absolutely opposite direction to where the world should move, environmental activist Rose Braz told RT.

This path would simply cause damage to public health and contribute to catastrophic climate change in the long run, she argues.

RT: Environmental risks of fracking aren’t unique to that method of extraction – why such an outcry when there are other methods of energy production that are just as harmful when it comes to fossil fuels?

Rose Braz: There’s no doubt that oil and gas production in general is risky to human health and ecosystems and our future in terms of climate change. I think there are however some additional factors that are associated with fracking that make fracking a particularly risky form of energy development, which has led to these massive protests you’re seeing across the world.

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