Laurie Orloff – Connecting To Your Higher Self ASAP – 20 October 2013

Higher Self Portrait

Higher Self Portrait

Hi!  I’m Laurie Orloff and I want to thank Lucas for agreeing to publish my new blog!  Thanks, Lucas!!

I have always written very quickly (two parenting books and for several newspapers), but it wasn’t until years and years after I started to write that I realized that I was channeling my Higher Self.  You know you are with your Higher Self when you are not judging anyone or anything and you are loving everything.  When you are in that place, information comes flowing out at break-neck speed. It can’t wait to get out and get to as many people as possible!  If you have writer’s block, you aren’t going to produce from your Higher Self if you do force yourself to write then.

When I first was catching on to this, I would say to my “Self”, “How can this be my Higher Self because it feels just like me?”  But your Higher Self is YOU!  The only thing that makes the difference between your higher or not higher Self is in the content.  Your Higher Self will feel just like you- use the same jokes, use the same slang, the same dialects and accents as you do because it is YOU.  You just won’t hear anything hurtful, derogatory, mean, negative or judgmental about yourself, anyone or anything else.  When you do hear that, it is your own head chatter stemming from any of the many off-shoots of fear.  Higher Self is totally fearless and in love with  all life.

In addition to channeling my Higher Self when writing, I’ve had a lot of conversations with her as has everyone with their own Higher Selves.  Mine laughs at me sometimes, but in a way that makes me laugh- not embarrasses me.  That’s why I know it’s my Higher Self, because HUMOR and LOVE, to me, is Universal Source and Creator.  When my Self is critical, I immediately know it is not my Higher Self, and I just stop listening and change my thoughts.    Knowing this, you can easily alter what is going on in your head.  When you do, you totally create another future for yourself as all is frequency and you attract the frequency at which you are vibrating.  This Universal Truth has become much simpler to understand these days.  I choose to change any form of judgment or fear and its many faces when those thoughts pop in.  It’s that simple.  When we stop judging and start loving everything unconditionally, without exception,  that is when we get all the goodies (aka:  Heaven on Earth!!)   The NO EXCEPTIONS is the greatest challenge and the key, to be sure, and puts you in your Higher Self!



5 responses to “Laurie Orloff – Connecting To Your Higher Self ASAP – 20 October 2013

  1. That was an excellent article…thank you Laurie Orloff for sharing that with us, sometimes I wondered when I would look at the writing the next day, I would say, did I write that? Now I know, yes it was my higher self…so much to know…aloha to you.

  2. interesting. I like this but — I don’t think this is true… and I don’t object to the practice either though.
    ~ Eric

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