Lucas – Balloons Of Resonance – 20 October 2013 came up in the moment of now was a great view from above.  A colorful view of dots that became zooming in beautiful colored balloons.

I  saw you all like happy balloons in all your own resonating colours finding your flight path.  In  clusters, in one’s or in two’s that are entangled.  It does not matter. You all fly as high as you can in this new  space that moves you ahead by your vibrational energy wind. It is a limitless drive you have for sure. No fear is needed for a collapse or punctured balloon. It is safe to expand.  You all will do find your colourful resonating friends in midair.

Whatever you choose to do and whatever path you take you will get elevated as you get into that higher vibrational space. Sometimes you will halt or be blocked for a moment by others on their path and sometimes the situations or circumstances make you stick behind a ledge you need to free yourself from to follow your path again. It is all part of that journey you take upwards.  And upwards you go. Nothing will eventually stop you to see we all are flying in that same space…

No difference is seen anymore that matters as all just is part of that  breathe of life into your balloon. The force that is in all and is all. Be that balloon and fly your journey as it will take you into new realms of perception. It will bring you new ways of doing things and seeing things. Just fly as free as you are in harmony with all the magnificence that all just is.  What else do you want. Is there anything… It is just beautiful right now in this moment. Seeing the skies filled with  that colorful display of you all lifted up into the new.

Enjoy your flight,

Love and Light,


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