Sophia Love – Stop The Presses! – 20 October 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

The plan was to immerse ourselves in the local, become agents for change in our own community, so we ordered the area newspaper.  That was two months ago. It is supposed to be delivered 4 days a week.  We were lucky if it showed up ½ that much.

The engagement started out friendly, merely asking for a credit for the missed deliveries.  As it developed into a regular occurrence, (we were surprised when it showed up); contact became a bit testier.  It was the subject of our conversations each day.  “Did we get the paper today?”  We expected to be disappointed, and frustration emerged as our expectations were met.

Until this week.  We cancelled the deliveries and forgot all about it.  There was no thinking about it, discussion or resulting emotion.  We’ve gotten a paper every single day.  Go figure.

What can be said here that you haven’t heard?  Consciousness asks us to stand always at attention.  It is the opposite of sleep.  Slavery cannot emerge from oneness.  Unity is not possible if “us” and “them” are perceived.  There is only One.

The solution is not to fight.  It is to become; to realize your sovereignty; to unconditionally cherish; to absolutely love.

As soon as we stop looking outside of ourselves for fault or blame or truth or value – we will find agape.  At the end of every moment let it be said that above all – you loved.

Everywhere still there is separation and slavery. The difference is we can see it now.  The gift of these times is that our eyes are open and they are seeing 20/20.  No longer blinded by fear, we can visualize a world of sovereign beings.  This is the world we’ll create as we shed the bonds of ownership and servitude.

Be gentle with yourself and everyone else.  The pull is strong to depend on and blame each other.  Assertion rather than aggression will effect the longest lasting change.  In anger rests an assumption of separation.  Passion and enthusiasm are key components; name calling and finger pointing aren’t.

This shift is happening to all of us.  There is not your way or my way that is right; there is our way.  We all have our part.  Every emotion is perfect, and each thought creative.  With every day dawns the possibility for the new.

If there was one thing only to gain from these words it would be this – our compulsion to seek answers elsewhere does not serve our stated intent – freedom.  One who is free asks and serves no one.  Freedom is not granted so much as assumed.  We will not take back something we’ve never lost.

There is a subtle shift as we stop waiting and instead become.  Don’t miss it or disregard its importance.  There are no insignificant moments.  Self love happens in small increments.  Acceptance brings peace and what becomes room for the creation of a blissful life.  Note the difference in how it feels to fix something that is wrong with you versus creating a new version.

Many of us perceive physical and financial maladies.  Belief is the most powerful creative force.  Instead of changing what we believe is a real problem, create a version more appealing.  Thus we are releasing that creative force which holds our beliefs firmly in place.

Against all reasonable, logical and rational sense – see only what you want and hold that vision.  Utilize all available contrasting options as a stark backdrop to the life you’ve been wanting.  Stop reading someone else’s version.  This is yours and you alone hold the determining blueprint for its manifestation.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.


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