FSB Wants Russian Internet Communications To Be Recorded – 21 October 2013

RT logo( Lucas : Again like the French The Russians play the innocent part.. and now use the NSA spying that is being done by most countries upon their citizens as an excuse to get it legitimized.  Yes of course… and do not forget it is always the excuse of being for your safety or in the interest of national security, when do people stop seeing it is not in the interest of you or the state but the controllers to use your data. Even terrorist and fears are specially created for you and regurgitated to belief it is so. See how it goes :  from enviromental protesters they made potential dangerous activists and now they call them eco-terrorists. Are you getting it.)

Russia’s Communications Ministry, in cooperation with security services, is finalizing a directive obliging internet providers to record private internet communications.

However, unwilling to bear unanticipated expenses, internet providers are citing constitutional freedoms.

According to Kommersant daily, the new directive has been in development for over six months, in close cooperation with the Federal Security Service (FSB).

The major innovation of the new directive is that it would require internet providers to record constantly the last 12 hours or more of traffic coming through their servers, starting from July 1, 2014. This would allow the FSB secret service to control phone numbers, IPs, register entries, e-mails of social networks users etc.

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