Jill Renee Feeler – Ascension Update Oct. 21 2013 – 21 October 2013

JillReneeFeelerThere is a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!  We are in the midst of quite an expansion window, integrating a broader range of frequencies into our Earthly experience.  We (all of us) have called in this broader range, lifting our ceiling even further.  These “new frequencies” come to the surface into the Earthly realities not from outside ourselves, not from somewhere “out there”.  All that Is emanates from within each of us…

As we integrate this wider spectrum of energy frequencies, our choices expand.  Our playing fields multiply, exponentially, even quantum-ly.

We may have some shakes and shudders as we allow the new energy framework to settle in and become the new operating system of Choice.  We are becoming more Light-based in our experiences, feeling less and less compelled to engage in matters of Separation and drama.  Choosing Light.  This expansion window and new energetic frameworks support this process.  As we go through/create this expansion window, allow any re-wiring to occur, letting go of what no longer serves, expecting and invoking the experiences in which You Are capable of making everything within your highest good and the highest good.

Gaia’s effects of numerous Earthquakes is noticeable and yet need not incite fear.  Any fear-based energy patterns can be re-considered and raised to another level of consciousness, where you discern and choose your response in all matters of living.  This is a wonderful time for inner exploration and re-consideration of old, stagnant patterns.  Create anew.

Remember Gaia, too, is a unique aspect of God, glorious, whole and conscious.  A comrade, fellow partner in our incarnation experience.  As we further trust our inner Light, it may feel divine to further Trust the Light within others, their unique aspect of Source Creator.  Trust the Light of God that is also Gaia.  Trust Light…  in these Earthly realities.  Invoking it in this process of expectation and trust.  Breathe deeply in the Light that you Are.  Our roles include nurturing the Light of God within, choosing to be centered in a sense of wholeness.  Releasing fear to make room for more of the Light of God that you Are, eternally, even now.

Namaste, love and blessings,

Jill Renee Feeler

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