Laura Bruno – The Hopi Prophecy Of The Coming 5th Age And Blue And Red Star Kachina’s – 21 October 2013

Reblogged from Laura Bruno’s Blog:

I have to say, I’ve been getting very, very similar messages that those who return to the ancient ways and stay connected to the Earth (i.e. “get grounded; nurture the Earth; honor your Mother”) will not be touched by the coming madness or negative changes. The Hopi prophecies are among the most ancient, and towards the end of this video you’ll find listings of some stunningly accurate predictions that history has documented.

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Time for this one to go up again, as more and more continues to resonate from this prophecy, including seeing many with empty eyes, empty vessels without spirit or soul. On the flip side, I do see so many people honoring the Earth and returning to the old ways. The split continues, and I still find it ever so interesting that NASA was shut down during the shutdown charade … strange times we live in. This video offers much hope and guidance for those willing to participate in their own shift. link to original article

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