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ActivstPost – Catherine J. Frompoich – Labeling Is Not The Only Thing About GMOs We Don’t Know – 21 October 2013

Logo_activistpost-comGenetic modification of plants—along with cloning of animals, remember Dolly the Sheep (1996)—has been going on without apparent second thoughts being given to the ramifications of what such technological advances do to the biosphere.

Recently, concerned citizens have taken a second look at GMO technology relative to the toxic chemicals used in the development of genetically modified food and seeds, plus their application in the environment. Currently, the Hawaiian island of Kauai County Council voted 6 to 1 on a bill that requires agriculture companies to disclose the chemicals they use in testing and growing GMO crops. Furthermore, the bill would prevent the use of those chemicals from being sprayed near schools, hospitals, residential areas, and waterways. [1] Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Cultivating An Inner Life – 21 October 2013

laura-of-the-rocksI recently joined a book study group with some visionaries, spiritual advisers, organic farmers, permaculture activists, and other “big picture” thinkers from Goshen and nearby Three Rivers, Michigan. I missed the introductory meeting due to an errant email, but tonight we have our first actual book discussion of Carolyn Baker’s “Navigating the Coming Chaos.” Continue reading

Nancy Pelosi – Nancy Pelosi: What Difference Does It Make What Was In The Spending Deal? – 21 October 2013

Freedom Outpost

It seems that the question “What difference does it make?” continues to be touted by radical socialist Democrats. First it was former State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton as she became flustered during questioning about Benghazi. Just days ago, following the spending bill that screwed over the American taxpayer for political expediency, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked “What difference does it make” what was in the spending bill?

Pelosi addressed reporters during a weekly press briefing on Thursday to discuss the last minute deal, which ignores spending caps mandated by the sequester and included several appropriations that have caused many eyebrows to be raised.

Read the whole story:  www.freedomoutpost.com/ link to original article

InvestmentWatchBlog – ‘Unacceptable And Shocking’: France Demands Explanation For NSA Spying – 21 October 2013


( Lucas : strange how the one accuses the other for doing just the same…  link to original French article: http://www.lemonde.fr/societe/article/2013/07/04/revelations-sur-le-big-brother-francais_3441973_3224.html that reveals France’s own spying scheme NSA style!)


October 21, 2013

France has called for an explanation for the “unacceptable” and “shocking” reports of NSA spying on French citizens. Leaked documents revealed the spy agency records millions of phone calls and monitors politicians and high-profile business people.

The US Ambassador to France Charles Rivkin was summoned by the French Foreign Ministry to account for the espionage allegations on Monday morning.
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ZeroHedge – How Central Banks Have Broken Fiscal Policy In One Sentence – 21 October 2013

ZeroHedgeBy now, and certainly in the aftermath of the embarrassing US government shutdown, it has become clear to everyone that fiscal policy is terminally broken as a process through which to reform and fine-tune the economy. But far from affecting only the US, fiscal policy has failed miserably to encourage structural reform in virtually all broken European states, the bulk of which reside in the periphery but increasingly more France and also Germany. Why? A very simple reason: the Fed’s shotgun monetary policy, which is rising the stock market to such unprecedented heights, it allows politicians the loophole they need to justify their irrelevance, and impotence. After all, if stocks are up who cares if the US doesn’t have a budget for over 4 years. or if the Italian debt/GDP ratio is rising at a record pace, or if Spanish bad debt is accumulating at breakneck speeds, or if Greek youth unemployment is 60%+. Hey, look over there stocks, are up. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – For Anyone Still Asking “When Is Ascension Going To happen? – 21 October 2013

Dana Colour Pic NewThis question came in from Richard* (name changed) about ‘ascension’. I’m sharing it here for anyone who has the same concerns.


I have been reading several ascension blogs. Most of them have info that humanity would ascend on 21 DEC 2012 and since then the dates simply kept on changing and even the so called channeled info from higher dimensional beings and ascended masters is wrong so many times. Continue reading

Aisha North – Short Update On The Energies – 21 October 2013

AishaNorthWe would like to take this opportunity to delve a little bit into the current energies. As many of you have already ascertained, these are not your regular blasts of energy, rather, it is as if you are being disconnected from it all, as if you are floating, almost like an astronaut lost out in space. It might feel lonely out there, but trust us when we say you have not been left out there for good, rather, this is a very important transitional phase, one that will help you to re-enter YOURSELF, rather than stripping you of anything that might still be construed as the old you. Continue reading

Phys.org – AT&T In $4.85B Deal To lease, Sell Wireless Towers – 21 October 2013


AT&T says it will sell or lease the rights for 9,700 wireless communications towers to Crown Castle International for about $4.85 billion.

Crown Castle will lease about 9,100 towers and buy another 600. AT&T will sublease capacity on the towers for at least 10 years, with an option for 50 more.

Read the whole article at : www.phys.org / link to original article

Egypt’s Pound Strengthens At Central Bank Currency Sale – 21 October 2013


Egypts pound edged stronger at a central bank foreign currency sale on Monday.

The central bank sold $38.8 million with a cut-off price of 6.8800 Egyptian pounds per dollar versus 6.8802 pounds at its last sale on Oct. 10, the bank said. It had offered $40 million.

The central bank introduced currency sales, held three times a week, at the end of December to help to counter a run on the pound. It has been allowing the currency to appreciate since the army ousted Islamist President Mohamed Mursi on July 3.

www.egypt.com /link to original article

Lucas – Unity Is Within – A State Of Being Not A Creation – Being One – 21 October 2013

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6f/Sun_symbol.svg/200px-Sun_symbol.svg.png?uselang=nlUnity perceived as a merge together of all or as being a hive-mind drone like oneness structure is not what unity is… and unity being brought to you by a certain group or personal opinion is still not unity.  It is so easy to fall again in the trap of division if you do not do this or that or have this view on even unity.. and therefore you  go into separation again.  You will not make it if you don’t do or be like, etc, will not make it unite or one.  It is about bringing unity into your own being. It is about uniting the opposites and balance them out into neutral within. That is not the same as outbalance one in the favour of the other on the outside.  You can not make things right or wrong you only can balance into neutral. Therefore any attempt of seeking unity outside yourself will fail. Continue reading