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Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Carfully Constructed House Of Cards Comes Crashing Down – 23 October 2013

Ottowa Citizen

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s carefully constructed house of cards comes crashing down

By Michael Den Tandt, Postmedia News October 23, 2013

Mike Duffy’s lawyer says the senator was a victim of the Conservatives’ effort to hide a political embarrassment. Donald Bayne says Duffy was threatened with being kicked out of the Senate if he didn’t agree to the PMO’s plans.

So, that’s it then: The Senate expense scandal is now a mortal threat to Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s career, and the future electoral prospects of his Conservative government.  And all it took, astonishingly, was two of the “accused,” Sen. Mike Duffy and Sen. Patrick Brazeau, standing up in the Red Chamber and telling, just for a few minutes apiece, their side of the story.

Sen. Pamela Wallin is still to come. But the floodgates have opened. In a sense, this is now just the start. From a PMO tactical point of view, it is a calamity.

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Méline Lafont – Jesus ~ The descending Of The I AM Presence – 23 October 2013

MélineMessage from Jesus

Question : “Is the descent of the I AM Presence (in biblical lore known as the ‘Glorification on the Mountain the same or somewhat comparable to the process you underwent on Mountain Sinai where you became a glorious lightbeing in front of 2 friends who witnessed it all?”

Answer : My dear child, I Am Jesus and I talk to you now from the heart of Love and through the unconditional Love. I Am your brother, your son, your teacher, your enlightener, your guide… I am you and you are me into infinity. It is my delight to talk more extensively about the descent of the I AM Presence which is closely linked to your own enlightenment and to your awakening on a pure, enlightened level. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Tyler Durden – Italian Bank Stocks Tumble On Draghi Threat He “Won’t Hesitate To Fail Banks”

ZeroHedgeAcross the board, we are seeing European bank stocks (most notably Italian) trading halted. The 5-7% plunge in prices – just when everyone is proclaiming victory in Europe – reflects an apparent concern that the tougher-than-expected European bank stress-tests will expose the Italian banks for the bloated sovereign debt issuance soaks that they have become. As Draghi himself noted, in a desparate plea to maintain some credibility “banks do need to fail” to prove the credibility of the exercise, adding “if they do have to fail, they have to fail. There’s no question about that.”. Spain is also under pressure and it would appear the “smart”money that chose to catch some knives in Greek banks may just lose more than one finger… Continue reading

Spain Central Bank Says Recession Over – 23 October 2013

RT logo(Lucas : We have already seen totally insane statements about the debt-crisis,  we heard totally insane statements denying the accountability and fraud of the banks and financial system,  we have seen more abominable but this makes it all clear there is no recession anymore in Spain.. and 35 % of the youth without work and austerity pushing in full the leverage to the people instead of the banks….)

The numbers are in. The EU’s fourth largest economy has switched to growth after nine straight quarters of contraction. The Spanish economy grew by 0.1 percent in Q3 despite tough austerity measures which have brought thousands to the streets in protest.

The economy expanded 0.1 percent from July to September compared to the previous quarter, when the economy shrank 0.1 percent, according to preliminary Spanish Central Bank data. Official growth figures will be published by the National Statistics Institute on October 30.

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Adding ‘Stress’ To Banks: ECB Introduces New Supervision Scheme – 23 October 2013

RT logoEurope’s key financial institution has introduced a new test to check stress resistance for 85 percent of banks in the Eurozone. This comes as the ECB prepares to take on the bigger responsibility of supervising the top 130 lenders next year.

For the 12 months from November 2013 the new three-stage banking supervisory mechanism will conduct an asset quality review, mostly aimed at fostering transparency and building confidence.

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Jon Rappoport – How The Matrix Deals With Power – 23 October 2013

jon7I’ve been asked to reprint this piece.

Here it is a with a new brief introduction.

Most people use memory to explain why they’re living the lives they have. They arrange memories as if they’re symbols, and the sum is: this is the life I have; no other.

If you could somehow take away all those memories and insert a whole new synthetic raft, people would arrange those to come to the same conclusion. And the same life. Continue reading

BuyCott: CommonDreams – Because You Are What You Eat/Wear/Buy – 23 October 2013

A new (free) smartphone app lets you scan products at the store to see if they’re made by companies you support or abhor – including corporate family trees to see if they eventually lead to the Koch Brothers – and then act accordingly. With a wide array of user-created campaigns to demand GMO labelling, cut funding ties to ALEC, protect the bees, boycott chocolate made by child slaves, demand GMO labelling and several other anti-Monsanto campaigns.

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John Ward – Revealed: The Top Ten Things Parliament Won’t Touch Under Any Circumstances – 23 October 2013

rainsbogieptTime to light the blue touch-paper?

There are certain injustices (especially in Britain) that keep on an on resurfacing. They usually appear first in the blogosphere and/or liberal-to-left press, and are duly dismissed by lying politicians as poppycock, scandalous, rumour, innuendo, hearsay, politically motivated and so on ad nauseam. Then about three years later, when nobody cares any more, they surface in the Establishment MSM as done deals. Continue reading

Scientists Creating Mutant Flu Viruses In The Name Of Research – 23 October 2013

The Huffington Post

By Kate Kelland, Health and Science Correspondent

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (Reuters) – Dutch scientists hidden away in a top-security laboratory are seeking to create mutant flu viruses, dangerous work designed to prepare the world for a lethal pandemic by beating nature to it.

The idea of engineering viral pathogens to be more deadly than they are already has generated huge controversy, amid fears that such viruses could leak out or fall into the wrong hands.

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Americans Take To Streets In National Protest Against Police Brutality – 23 October 2013

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Dozens of cities across the US have seen a national day of protest against police brutality. Organizers stated that thousands of people were killed in crackdowns over the last couple of decades, and police aren’t held accountable for the violence.

The demonstrators in Seattle burned flags, and the police had to disperse fights between the protesters and the anarchists who seemed to have taken advantage of the situation.

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