AscensionPioneers – Living Our Ascension – 24 October 2013

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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We are living our ascended lives now, can You feel it? Here is some of the guidance that I have received for our New way of Being and the changes that we can notice if we observe ourselves deeply. This is what comes to me only through direct embodiment and showing the Way of the Divine Self. We cannot fully know what is taking place before we fully and consciously embody it ourselves. Everything that is true comes through us Now!

1. We are shifting into a New way of Being through Divine creativity. Divine creativity is the basis of our New Divine Self. Being in that flow will bring us a new wave of abundance/prosperity. It is created through a higher form of creativity Now.

2. Communion with Nature on a daily basis is key Now, and there are no more excuses for that. We are Nature, and Spirit is sending us all the guidance in many ways and forms, and by deeply tuning into all the life that surrounds us, we increase our senses and natural abilities.

3. There is great heat/fire energy being generated through our bodies at this time. All who experience this, know exactly what I AM talking about. This is our density changing through the sacred fire, which is the sacred fire of the New density. It is the so-called sacred fire of the New that isn’t merely about purification when our bodies are getting ready for the descent of the Soul, purified and creating a void for the New. This fire is much stronger and it’s connected with the Divine passion integration … the sacred Holy Spirit fire of our Christed Self starting to fully descend into the body Now … or rather, it’s being expanded into from the inside out.

4. We are becoming immortal Beings, as the aging process in the body stops immediately when the Soul is fully embodied. It is a process of Divine integration, which is happening in layers and steps. If we are observing our bodies through neutrality and great clarity/awareness, we will see that our bodies are shapeshifting. These are the so-called “New life symptoms,” which are not really symptoms at all. Everything about our body is actually different Now, and we need to adjust to that. Because of this, our bodies will begin to respond differently to things and the environment. One example is being less sensitive to heat and cold. The Soul knows no disease, so when the Soul and body are One, how can a state of disease still exist? By embodying this, we will set an example for others, who still experience it … and they will be able to see what is truly possible when One becomes their Soul.

5. Our Divine senses are truly sharpening because of this shift. Our inner knowing is clear and sharp Now (no more states of confusion), and we are embracing the ebb and flow of life as it is. We understand Now, that when things are unclear, they are merely just not in their fool bloom and Divine timing yet. We embody the nature of Divine order of all things.

6. We are beginning to truly love our New life here on Earth. Our life is deeply changing and we can feel it on all levels of Being and we see it in everything. It might be tiny details that we are beginning to take notice of Now. We no longer have any desires to escape this reality, go somewhere else, run away and “go home,” wherever that may be, etc. We know why we are here and understand the grander meaning of our Divine purpose and the things that are yet ahead of us, and we are truly excited about all of this and the New life of Glory that awaits us.

7. We only wish to embody our natural state of Grace and Be the Divine Love that we truly are. When we embody Grace, we already have everything that we need, as Spirit waters run through us at all times. We only wish to live in Magic and awe, so we generate it daily in each Now moment. There is also greater Magic (alchemy) that is returning to us, and this again is a process of its own. We need to be patient and know that practice makes perfect! The Soul knows best!

8. We can now see and feel where the portals of the New Earth are. Many of us recognize the sacred Vortex spaces of the New. One of them is here in the Alps where I AM physically located myself, and I know that I AM preparing to guide people there to be further activated and much more.

9. We are receiving guidance on our new “future lives,” which may seem odd at times, because we did not have the same desires or inclinations in the old. We need to be willing to embrace these visions of the future, and know that they are One with the past and present Now! There is no more separation, we live in inner feeling of our multidimensional Self!

10. There is always more and constant expansion is always about the “beyond,” so there is only transcendence!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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