Lisa Gawlas – Dreams, Messages And More Change Of Plans!! – 24 October 2013

lisagawlas2Our spiritual teams really love to do a sneak attack on us and my team came at me with both barrels.  I mentioned in my last sharing that I got one hellofa upper chest rattle/cough/cold 3 days before my father got discharged from the hospital, after all was said and done with him there, and it hung on for 10 solid days.  I threw 4 different kinds of medicines at that thing in my chest, nothing even touched it, not even my dads prescribed super-duper couch suppressant.  The coughing due to this really strange rattle that reminded me of those trick birthday candles, the coughing never broke it up.  I pulled muscles from the constant cough, realized my bladder is weak as shit, and yet no one around me caught this cough.  I finally was so worn down from the coughing, I am bitching at my team and so worried whatever creeping crud crawled into me, would crawl into my father and my teams reply with a smirky grin:  You never take this much time off at home, so we came at you with all that we had to adjust all your frequencies.   Grrrrrrr!

One of the days, while my dad was still in the hospital and I had woken up with more than 10 minutes of getting out of bed and into the car, I was sitting out here on the porch having my coffee and smoke and contemplating my fathers destiny when I suddenly seen this gateway open up in the yard in front of the porch.  What was striking about this “gateway” (as spirit called  it) was it was a yellow gold and reminded me so much of the “doorway” I had seen when I first moved to the Mesa.  From that gateway, what looked like hundreds of small light beings emerged and flew into the house.  I really really assumed (shame on me) that my fathers team was getting ready to take him to the other side once he got home from the hospital.  I already knew he had an exit from this life to the next planned over the next few weeks, and even as I questioned what I had seen, the field said when you near someone who is getting ready to cross the veil, much becomes open to those willing to receive.  Those crazy light beings landed smack dab in my chest and worked 24/7 for 10 solid days.  Which actually now makes sense to me, because when I sat outside, I rarely coughed, but inside the house, geez louise, every 15 minutes I was trying to blow out trick birthday candles!!

A few days after I had the dream about my Dads soul trying to release its energy from his body and him spreading out his arms so the energy couldn’t be released over his head (he is a stubborn stubborn guy) and seeing how dark the energy was, I decided to see if my dad was open to getting messages from his spiritual team thru my pendulum, which I felt compelled to pack into my suitcase.  He was as excited about our pendulum time as we was when he realized I brought the camera that captures orbs.  The orbs came out in droves and in almost every picture there were two consistent orbs around, a super bright white one and a really large blue one, I had already felt these were his spirit guides and our session with the pendulum confirmed it.

His guide, the big blue orb named Victor, gave him one of his first messages “Speak nice to all those that you love.”  My father cranks out “oh well anyone knows that.”  I smiled and simply said knowing it and doing it are two very different things.  Spirit shares what you most need to apply/understand.  He may have sassed about that simple message, but his words have been so much kinder since that session!

I then gave my father the chance to ask his team a question, much to my surprise, the first thing he asked them was what the hell is going on with my (not his, mine) lungs.  I had already received that answer in the morning, so I was not surprised to see the pendulum swing out “energy work” but my father, as I explained to him what energy work was, was pretty sure I am crazy and wanted to know what was really happening in me. lol  So I quietly called on Archangel Michael and asked for his input on my state of Being and his reply was “Everything is accelerating.”  Obviously!

A few days ago, I was gifted with a dream.  I have been in a void since my chest started rattling and my sinus’ started expelling all the old energy, so I have been asking for some dreams.  I got one of those dreams that are so real that it is hard to shake even once you wake up.  This dream consisted of me and my youngest daughter, but instead of being 23 as she is now, she was 12-13 years old.  A time frame that really kicked off my outward spiritual path (as opposed to the 3 year bathtub/inward path.)  We just moved into the most dilapidated new home.  Paint was peeling off the walls, it was dingy and depressing in there.  This new place to live had 4 floors but the third one was under construction and could not be used.  The only thing I brought with us to this new (really large) home were three TV’s.  But not just any old TV’s, they were TV’s of my past.  The first TV I ever owned was a really old console, the kind with the 25″ TV in the middle a stereo on one side and a radio and tuner on the other side taking up about 6 feet of space in a room.  The second one that was in this dream with me was the next TV I owned, a 27″ floor console, but no stereo or radio, so it took up less space and the third one was the 36″ TV (not a floor console) my son still has in Virginia.  I decided the first two floors are for my daughter and any company we may get, the fourth floor will be where I stay and I wanted that 36″ TV up on the third floor, in my dream and in real life, that bad boy weights about 200 pounds, so my big query was how was I going to get it up onto the 4th floor?

The next thing I know, I am on the 4th floor and it is as barren as the first, except there was this cot like bed up against a wall.  The same bed I had when my son was born.  Under the bed I found this really large tarantula, scared the ba-jesus out of me.  I got a broom and started to scoot it around the floor and somehow got it back down to the first floor and as I was scooting it out the front door, it took a left at the threshold of the door and crawled into a crack and escaped.  I woke up.

The tarantula freaked me out since I had just seen one a few weeks before I left for PA as I was driving to my home, it was crossing the road from right to left (literally) and I had to swerve my car to make sure I didn’t run it over.

I went to my handy dandy go-to site Animal Totems A to Z to look up the meaning of a Tarantula:

Tarantula medicine maintains a balance from past to present and helps in creativity and inspiration. She aids understanding of illusions and reality as well as spiritual and physical balancing. Tarantula awakens sensibilities and the power of movement; slow, steady and carefully while staying focused on the center of things. This spider shows a calm gentleness and strength and will remind you of this pattern. Mediation and centering will help calm the mind and spirit to hear her messages. She also will aid in communications and the written word. Be aware and move with strength and confidence. Are you creating to your fullest potential? Spider will teach the infinite possibilities of creative manifestation and the delicate strength of this balance. She shows the art of attuning your senses and feeling subtle vibrations of your surroundings.

Makes perfect sense to me, I am staying in my past (here with my dad) and even the dream itself showed the pathway that got me to this very moment in time, represented by TV’s lol.  The third floor confused me, until today.  3 is action and communication and truly, I have been in such a state of flux on what to do as the time draws closer to go to Virginia and then back home to New Mexico.  As much as I want to get back to my home, my heart is totally conflicted (well, really, my mind is) on going back to New Mexico or returning to Pennsylvania after I spend some time in Virginia with my kids and grandson.

Spirit was about to make my choice… much easier.

Yesterday my dad finally had his first real appointment with his real oncologist (outside of the constantly changing oncologists at the hospital) and I love her!!  The unanswered questions I had when my dad was discharged from the hospital she had as well.  He had been on a steroid to reduce the swelling in his brain from the cancer lesion he has there, the docs at the hospital stopped his steroids before he was released, meaning…. nothing is being done to reduce that swelling and he has been home for 2 weeks.  She promptly put him back on a steroid and immediately ordered an MRI to be done this week to see how his brain is doing.

She was also shocked to see they didn’t put the “faucet” in his lung to keep the fluids draining every day at home and instead put the “super glue” in its place.  Then she told us, that if the chemo doesn’t work, this super glue method will not work either.  His first dose of chemo showed no improvement in his fluid reduction at all.  She ordered a chest xray (done yesterday) and a CT scan that will be done Nov. 5th.

So I asked her the biggest question in my heart and explained why I wanted to know.  What is my fathers true prognosis, I do not want to be back in New Mexico to find he has a sudden decline, flying back is not all that easy.  She said that she would be better able to answer that question after all these tests are done.  His next appointment with her is on November 15th.  You bet my ass if going to be here to have that face time with her.  The moment I made firm that choice (yesterday afternoon) I could feel my whole body relax.

She had asked him three separate times yesterday if he still wanted to have the chemo treatment.  The chemo is robbing him of most of his energy and has made all food taste like cardboard, he lost 12 pounds in the 12 days he has been home from the hospital.  He didn’t answer her once, so I asked her, what is our choice?  Do something or do nothing….?  He is getting his second dose of chemo tomorrow (the 24th) so I told her, lets see after this next dose of chemo.

So here is my new plan…  I am going to Virginia late tomorrow and will be there until the 9th of November.  I will be doing readings every day while in Virginia.  I will then rent a car to come back to PA and spend at least that week with my father… everything after that depends souly on what the doctor says and all the tests show.  I really really really want to be here when my father passes.  Releasing the past with love and gratitude and really empower the future endeavors of all.

To straddle two lives tho, not so easy.  Working while here in PA is an impossibility.  I am officially on the negative side of my finances and yet to make a choice otherwise does not give me that calm feeling of taking the right action.  So, I am offering the only thing I can think to offer… my pre-recorded 25+ hour class on learning how to read.  For a $25 donation, I will send you the link to download all 10 files of the class.  I also uploaded to that area on my dropbox account the two course materials needed: The layout of the feet as well as the complete interpretation of the physical body.  For those who have already received the link to classes, you can go back and get the course materials too.  Sorry for not thinking of that before hand.  All the information and to make a donation is on my main page at

I want to close this out by reminding everyone, the best choice of action is not always the easiest choice available (often it is quite the opposite.)  When we are in alignment with our soul desires, calm overtakes the chaos of the mind and that is something we must turn to and trust.  And equally, trust it all works out in the end.

The next time I have a blog out, it will be from the readings on Monday and I know we have soooooo much to catch up on in the field of life and light.

I must thank you again, so much, for straddling the chaos of uncertainty with me, for your incredible patience, super generosity, and above all, LOVE.  I pray, that even in my silence, you can feel how much love, appreciate and miss you with all my soul!!

Until next week, I love and appreciate You soul soul much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude and hope!

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