Sandra Walter – The Silence, The Stream, The Fractal – 25 October 2013

SandraWalterI AM the Divine Light consciousness of HU,
the Photonic Reflection,
and the metaphor of Creator-In-Carnate dreamed awake.
And so are you.

The Silence

In the beginning there was silence. The stillness of pre-creation. Prior to the first great exhale, the moment when Source projected part of its consciousness in order to create separation, and before the Mother-Father God system birthed the Christ, there was silence. Contemplation of creation.

This passage in our Ascension process reflects the stillness; the direct connection back to Source. It makes us very aware of our words and creations during the merge of Higher and Lower Self. This is why you don’t hear very much from those on the Ascension path right now. Communication is difficult, strange; we can summon words to interact with others when needed, then our Higher Levels pull us back into silence.

Communication shifts to harmonize with 5D structures. You will recognize it, and probably be aware of it as you mimic old communication styles until the new presents. We’re out of ourselves at the moment – stepping out of the old self (the walk-out sensation) – in order to create deep change, a permanent merge with our Higher Self.

There is an awareness of how powerful our creator skills are about to get, and this brings a caution toward miscreation. The Higher Self is rewriting our reality in alignment with the True Self and Divine Will. It makes us aware of how much distortion has been created by our Lower Self. It puts us on hold, so we only desire to create as our True Self.

Fragments of the lower level constructs – ego, mind, emotion – are surrendered. Last bits of wavering, doubt, fears are lifted up for a last free-will review. It is your Lower Self choice to surrender the miscreations and all of the beliefs that came with them. In the stillness, those constructs do not exist. Note the awareness that this has already occurred if you chose that timeline. The delay is perception; honor the stillness.

The Stream

Our lifestream is the stream of consciousness from the top down – from the highest expression we are to the lowest, and every multidimensional aspect therein.

As we experience astral collapse – a.k.a. the thinning of the magnestosphere, the veil, the 4D realm – the buffers we used to create separation dissolve. Our lifestream becomes clearer, purer, more direct. Energetically it can feel quite strong; surges of powerful frequency come through your fields and body vehicle. Know that it is YOU. You are feeling your own true presence.

Astral collapse affects everything in our reality; our meteor shield is down (magnetosphere repels space objects), the Sun can send new intel, codes, rays, communication straight into us (lock your heart center on to that stream if you want the BIG experience), time becomes more fluid and malleable, distortion and miscreations are brought to light. Note that there is no judgment on what occurred. Nothing requires payback or punishment of any kind. Apply this to your lifestream so you can unify with the higher levels.

Our lifestream is becoming somewhat intense as our consciousness expands to take in all that it has created. Let it be, don’t identify (cling to) these aspects of Self as they present. Ego wanted to name these, claim these mulitidimensional aspects because they appeared to be bigger, stronger, more interesting than our lower Self. We have been abandoning that since early this year. It is clear that what we are becoming, what we are accomplishing on this planet, in this realm, in these physical bodies is just as – if not more – amazing.

Light language and tones may interrupt your thoughts – or dominate them – as the merge deepens. This is a liaison skill. It is not intended to be all light language or all grounded language. It is Unity; the liaison of Triality. When it is in the highest interests, either will be utilized. Engage discernment with your communication – note when the subconscious desires to be heard, and when your higher wisdom desires silence and integration.

The Fractal

The veil is now self-imposed as our consciousness catches up to perceiving what occurred almost a year ago. Distortion/illusion cannot be maintained as you level up. The fractal geometry that you are is returned to a sacred state, bit by bit, as you surrender the lower level constructs. If you begin to see your light signature building around you, this is why.

As the fractals of your expression are puritized, divinitzed for the merge, the body consciousness needs you to act in its highest interests. This passage is tough on the body. Holding higher light frequencies rewrites the cellular structure, which affects all of the physical: the organs, nervous system, bone structure, muscles, tendons, skin, cardiovascular systems, blood and DNA. Cells are activated to return to a divine state; if they are floating in the flotsam of an old creation, they will not be able to create your true self.

You may become sensitive to witnessing other’s egos, emotions or mind-level behaviors. We see the division occurring, then witness it without judgment, then transcend it as we Unify with our Christed state. It’s an awareness game until you are done playing. In this world but not of it: Our focus expands to much more powerful and compassionate endeavors.

Everything is complimenting this Shift. External energetics – the photonic bombardment of your beingness (X-flares, Solar Wind, Plasma) – can only push the envelope so far. The merge is a Co-Creation with your Higher Levels, so preparation and participation are essential.

Notice the distractions and release them.
Notice your choices and shift as needed.
Process and release the deeper issues as they surface. The subconscious is unmasked as the magnetic buffer dissipates.
All of your experiences are fine, but don’t get stuck if you desire to move forward. Remember who you are and what you are doing here.
Take a look at your Ascension progress: forget about who is seeing/doing what, dismiss the mind-level game of activity, egoic win-or-lose, and emotional constructs of lack and need. Truth check: The glass is always full – our cups runneth over when we lift the veil.

You and your Higher Self need privacy to create a new expression. You and Source need intimate space to reconnect. Silence is indeed GOLDEN right now. The finish of 2013 is key to our ascension process and progress. Minimize distraction and surrender to the Silence, the Stream, the Fractal of Source-as-Self.

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