TheOne-DreamDreamer – What If The Christ Would Come For Dinner? – 25 October 2013


What would you do with your house? How would you present it? What would you have for dinner, even if you are scarse of food? Would you have things look nice or would you complain for not having enough?

How would you dress and present yourself? Would you look after yourself for the occasion? Get the best you have or just do your everyday stuff?

Would you invite friends, family, neighbors? Or would you stay alone?

And what would you talk about? Would you feel at ease with someone that all ways KNOWS all you are thinking? Even all that you might hide to your self? Will you feel comfortable? Or would you feel looked IN TO and try to hide, or even sent the Christ away out of fear of begin seen?

Whatever your answers have been… look at them and ponder them. For The Christ comes for dinner every day of your life. And for breakfast and lunch. And for your night and morning. It is the light you shine and the potential of your BEing. It is IN you.


It only needs to be invited.

Whatever you would do for “him”… do it for YOU. As YOU ARE IT.

Love, You. to original article

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