Euronews – Online Privacy Protection – 26 October 2013

Online privacy protection(Lucas : I am baffled by all the ignorance : What are you doing monsieur/mister? Still thinking UK/France and other corporate states do not the same. They have already those spy programs of their own in place remember. Also do you really think legislation of a for corporate interest and profit EU will bring about protection of … it is like asking your enemies put me in jail to protect me from you…! Wake up! Change the world from within and start there… forget about the corporate state, EU, financial system and build a real new world based upon that what we really are:  equal and one without limits.)

A question from Tom via Twitter: “Do you think our privacy and more generally our fundamental rights as EU citizens are at risk with growing mass surveillance by the US and other governments?”

Answer from Jérémie Zimmermann, spokesperson and co-founder of Quadrature du Net, a non-profit association defending the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet :
“Part of the answer, in order to try to protect our privacy, obviously implies policies and the establishment of legislation protecting citizens. But that is not all. We also need to ask the question of what relationship we have with technology today.”
Read the whole story and see video at : / link to original article


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