Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – As You Grow Into Your Magnificence – 27 October 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

What is to become of you? You pose this question to yourself fairly often one way or another. What is to become of you?

Here is the answer:

You, and you alone, are to become of you. You are a live vibrant being, and life comes to you, and you climb mountains, and you stub your toe here and there, and the only thing that is going to become of you is magnificence. You come to discover the magnificence of who you are. One way or another, you land on your feet, and you come to Me, beautiful, and safe and sound.

No wonder what you may have seemed to have gone through, still you come to Me, and then I am what becomes of you. You become the Reality of Yourself. You realize Me, and wherever you may have slipped or slid during your passage on Earth, you fit perfectly into My heart. You have always fit like a glove in my heart. You have never not fit or not belonged or not been in My heart, not ever have you not.

All good is to become of you.

All the slippery slides in life, you have gotten past them. Whatever happens while you spend time in the bounded world doesn’t matter. It matters to you at the time, yet none of it is the making of you. It is all a story told. It is all a story made up. It is all a story. It is no more than a story flashing in front of you, only you perceive it as the gospel. Nothing has happened to you. You pick up where you left off.

You are not an insurgent. You are not a vagrant. You are a hero along with everyone else. You came shining through no matter what the world may say. You played your part, and you played it well.

It is a brave thing to be a human being on Earth, as if you were the only one at risk and too many desires unfulfilled.

Beloveds, it is enough to desire. Be one who desires. No one said you have to achieve all that you aspire to. Dream your dreams. You had a dream. That in itself is an accomplishment. Whatever happens in life, you come out unscathed. You rise from it. You rise up from it. Your spirit which weighs nothing rises to what is called Heaven, and this is where you belong. You have earned it. Life isn’t everything, beloveds. You are everything.

You are not the past. You are Being. And you never stop being Being. You are a Being Who triumphs. The Reality is that you triumph. You triumph by moving ahead. Death of the body is your culmination. You rise to Heaven and you see, as I see, that all is good. You do, indeed, come out of death alive. Everyone rises from the dead. There are no dead. All is life. Where the physical is not, everyone fits, and there is room for all.

In life, you ponder the imponderable. Somewhere, deep within you, you know the validity of what I say. Somewhere deep within you, you know the Truth. Somewhere deep within you, you have known it all along. It is as if you pretend ignorance. You have been under a spell of ignorance. That you are ignorant is a deception. You play along. Just about the whole world does.

Illusion becomes the utmost Reality in your book. The saving of your own hide seems to the uninitiated to be the sole purpose of life. You do your best to get out of life alive, and that is exactly your fate, no exceptions. You return to the fullness of My heart, and We are One. You merge with Me. We are fated to merge. Holy is the Oneness, this Truth of Life, this bare bones of life that is the Truth. / link to original article

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