Lisa Gawlas – The Road Of Love Constantly Changes! – 27 October 2013

lisagawlas2Life!!  What an amazing, revealing, interactive teaching tool it is.  The more intense life gets, the more choice points we arrive at.  These times are our greatest moments, even tho, from the human perspective, they just down right suck!  But, with the right heart juice, we can take the bitter sour of lemons and create a wonderful lemonade out of it.  Can I tell you, YOU are a major part of my heart juice, in ways, I am sure you will never fully realized until we are all on the other side of the veil and really seeing how much you have not only affected my life, but all the lives around me.  Thank you for loving me, my dad and all that surrounds this journey…. so flipping much.  Your love, support and extreme generosity is what is keeping me ( sane.

I did go to Va like planned on the 24th, but not without a nagging feeling that was churning away in my gut all damn day that I really should be staying.  But, I had to go.  I made sure I told Linda (my dads wife) if anything happens, I will be right back in 7 hours (the drive time from VA to PA.)

Not even two hours into our ride back to Virginia, as we turned off highway 81 onto 83 (9 then 11) in Harrisburg, PA… my sons right rear tire blew out.  That tire blew out from the inside out.  I got a sick feeling inside my gut… right side, emotional / spiritual side, back of the car, past.   Harrisburg is the capital of PA, my father is the capital of the Parkhurst clan.  I didn’t dare speak what I was feeling out loud.

We arrived back in VA at 3am.

I had my fathers coffee pot with me (long story) and as I opened my bag of coffee to kick-start my morning, the bag jumped out of my hand and all over the rug.  Dammit.  I couldn’t find the coffee filters so I used a paper towel to make my morning brew… coffee grinds and black water over flowed all over the flipping place.

I jumped deep into the river of DeNile and brushed it all off.  I left my father in decent health, well, as decent as you can get at this stage of it all.  At 11:30am I got the call that my dad was being rushed back to the hospital with 102.5 fever.

He just had his second treatment of chemo the day before, I was hoping this fever was just a side effect of the chemo.  Then more information started to come thru… he may have a blood clot in his lungs….

My youngest daughter agreed to drive me back to Pennsylvania last night, we arrived at 3am.

The did a CT scan on him and his cancer in the lung has grown significantly in the last two weeks.  He is now starting to cough up blood.

He had an MRI scheduled for yesterday to check on the tumor in his brain, but this crazy hospital took that MRI completely off the table…. again.  Doesn’t matter to them that his hand tremors have increased and now his left leg is joining the tremor dance in his body.  His eyes get intensely blurry then clear up.  But hey, what is this game called life except a reason to enact ones own power of authority and make changes.

When all is said and done, I may need just a few days to have a nervous breakdown, but I’ll do that… after.  Priorities, ya know!! (smile)

One of our biggest concerns with me going back to VA was who will sit with dad.  One of my sisters made sure her schedule would accommodate the time his wife was working.  Bless her heart, she was so worried that something would happen to dad on her watch and she is such a sensitive soul.  She was so worried about it, she only got 2 hours of sleep the night before.

Love is the strongest catalyst in all of creation.  Love, direct from the tap of universal flow, is equally unbiased as well.  So of course, Dad got really sick on her watch, only hours of her sitting with him.  When his wife left for work, he was as good as he seemed to be when I left the evening before.  Of course, all that happened to dad yesterday, was going to happen anyway… but because of her loving worry, it had to happen on her watch.  Bless her heart.

The good news in all of this is my youngest daughter FINALLY got to meet her grandpa for the first time ever, and all her Aunts and Uncle and even some cousins.

My dad made a very profound statement as he was sitting in his hospital bed… something I hope ever one of you take to heart,  He said that all the medicines that the doctors have him on, all the treatments they have been doing don’t make him feel as good or alive as when we are near him,  That is when he feels his best.

We do not have to wait until someone is dying to have that effect.  Be there in someones sadness, in their joy, in their worry and even in their stillness.  Love really is a huge game changer.

Before I end this sharing and head back to the hospital this morning, I want to address something that really has become a pet peeve of mine.

Life is a game of multiple choices that increase at various intersections along the way.  We, the human, always have two aspects within our field of energy that is constantly making choices,  Our ego will and our divine will.  Our divine will is 100 times more passive than our ego will… because THAT is the game.  Our soul will give us promptings to increase our choice for the highest good, but we are always free to do otherwise.  In this game of life, there is no laid out path.  The path twists and turns with every choice and every non-choice.  But, in every life, we are not the only ones making the choices that affect our lives… this is a multiple player game.

When a player makes a choice contrary to what your own gut is feeling, it is our responsibility to address the adverse choice and get it changed, or deal with the set of consequences from non-action.  Every choice, every non-choice changes the outcome.

On my phone I have two songs, one I consider my grandsons song, which is Wild Thing by the Troggs.  The other is my fathers ringtone called Almost Persuaded.  As I was churning around my choice to return to PA yesterday, I opened Wild Thing to sing with my grandson (something I have done since the day he was born) and even tho Wild Thing loaded in my player, Almost Persuaded started playing.   That was my soul guiding my choice to be with my Dad and the moment my choice became clear.

On that note, time to head back to the hospital….  Ohhhhh… and please note that for now, all readings are post-poned…. again!!

I cannot thank you enough for being on this journey with me.  You truly are the wind beneath my wings.

(((((HUGZ))))) of deep and never-ending gratitude and waves of love that goes way beyond my humble words!!

Lisa Gawlas

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