Lucas – The Tool To Get Things Back In Neutral – Love Unconditionally – 27 October 2013

Heart-beatLove in the spiritual sense what is that?  It is that state of feeling sexually attracted to or resonating with an other? Or is love a hollow saying not to be feeling or resonating a certain way with humans or an experienced situation?  Is love the mother and father nurturing and protecting the child?  There is in observations a lot of talk of love but not about the  spiritual love that says to be metaphorically  “concurring” all.

This “concurring” is already a negative expression as it is duality big time.  The love I talk about here is about having an influence in the balancing out the dark extremes as well as the light extremes.  It is the tool so to say to bring all back in the middle.  It is the neutralizing force.

So without any other meaning love is just not that what separates or gives just joy, pleasure and shows the sunny side of things. The love in spiritual sense is the equalizer  of all that is needed to get back into a state of being neutral. The neutral space.

I observe still lots of beautiful beings talking about love but in a way that is taking it out of the neutral into extreme.  The unconditional love for all is put into another perspective to be just not unconditional but limited. The love that is not all-inclusive.

This conditional love suppresses feelings. Or it is limiting the love to a certain contained or enclosed being or group of beings.  It is not loving the parts that also need to be loved as they are part of the One.  It is the love denying to be balance.

We are now in a phase that balance will be brought about wanted or unwanted as it is an ongoing process that can not be stopped. Lots of you will experience the balance bringing pains, aches, fevers, heat-waves, flu-like symptoms, feeling dizzy and nausea.

Physical symptoms but also emotional/psychological symptoms  will be coming through. Having extreme feelings or strange emotions is possible. You can feel two normally perceived separate emotions at the same time or see blending of emotions.  It is all part of also the left/right brain balancing.

Some even will have deep wounds opened on emotional levels and those can be  from other times and places.  The need to balance all back into neutral and this goes on and on.  It is seen in all that is within as it is also reflected in what is happening in the outside of your world.

The world is healing within as is also healing  the world outside of you.  It is  the interconnectedness of what is in all.  When no labels are needed anymore, no hammer is falling down to judge and the presumptions and prejudice is gone than the balance will be.

The balance is the neutral zone where things can be seen as they are. The place where all just is as it is. It can be viewed and observed and from that place new insights and knowledge, solutions and ideas will come. It is the space that is the drawing table of the new.

We will find all our neutral zone in the following of  our OWN path. The experience and journey will make you ride the ride of the balance ultimately. The time you learn not to push or pull but just leave it as it is will make you see what it IS. Not seeking confrontation or reacting upon polarity in what form ever is a way by you to perceive.

The more you get loving that what is making you troubles, the more you will bring it into balance and back into neutral. It is not love that ignores and smudders but embraces and sees it for what it is.  It is the love for all regarding what thought, experience or emotional attachment there is.

This realization of giving yourself totally over to that state you wanted to ignore, push away, or even attack, label or judge by giving it just love unconditionally will bring you nearer to the middle ground. It is that we will learn to see in our personal process.  Enjoy the ride. We are almost there.

Love and Light,


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