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Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Update October 23, 2013 and October 26, 2013 and October 28th, 2013

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Much love,

Ok Sophia, remember to always believe in what You want to believe in.

You know the Followers of Light will aid humanity and what was told there is this preparation. These were not structures, but interstellar ships, they shift between dimensions and as soon as something human-made approaches them they “disappear”. There is no need to worry about this, illuminati order is afraid because they know what this all means to them, but everyone non cabal, non illuminati and non terrible people shouldn’t be afraid of this. This will aid humanity as a whole.

One is with all of You, do not be afraid and have no fear in Your hearts. With Wisdom and Love!

October 26th, 2013

I thought you might want to see a follow up to the video:

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Much love,

Thank You for sharing this Sophia! I know most of this information, they were always using the dark side of the Moon.

You need to be aware from this, as it influences every american. Indeed U.S. government is preparing for huge riots and even revolution war. But this will not happen unless Everyone in U.S. will want it.

What I see, is that Everyone don’t wants it, I see People need changes and through peaceful solutions these changes will happen. They will not go without a fight, and so the only aggressors in these changes will be they, that why they and their satanic legacy will be tainted and forgotten.

They will be remembered only as the “terrible tragedy of human civilization prevented” and Everyone will try to avoid the repeat of this.

During previous cycle it was Your Awakening, Lightworkers’ Awakening, ours as well. Now it is masses’ Awakening, Every Human Being now have Awakened and is ready for Great Changes!

You remember this song, let Everyone hear it, this brings back most sacred what is inside Everyone, that same particle of Light. Anytime You listen to very emotional, spiritual music, you are getting close to it.

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With Peace and Love Always!

Thank you. This is beautiful music.

There is a third video, with more information about the vehicles that are parked near the moon, supposedly to be released soon. The team that set up this interview is setting up another one.

I know that most do not want war in this country. There are some very public channels working to incite revolution, and as time moves ahead, well, the true nature of the people will dictate what happens. This is more evidence of the awakening and subsequent rebirth we are having. This is very good news.

Much love,

Update October 28th, 2013

I’m happy You liked it! Everything is correct Sophia.

One rule You need to remember always, is that if You will allow Your nature to took over You, You won’t be in control and Your nature will do everything, that the way of survival instincts which dominated humanity for a lot of time. It is up to Your Consciousness and Mind to take over Your nature, that the way many beings are going and evolving on much better scales and speeds.

For us Forces of One there is also another rule, I can share this with You if You are interested, it won’t hurt anyone.

With Love and Wisdom.

yes, definitely interested!

Thank you,
Much love,

Ok Sophia. It is based on meaning – Harmony among All Things and Everything is Interconnected. A complicated one and somewhere You may disagree with this.

We know that every part of Universe is alive, every molecule, every particle, going deeply every particle of an atom is alive, there are smaller particles of an atom which humanity is not aware of yet, there is One present Everywhere.

This as well touches plants’, animals’, humans’ every cell. Organic cells are more alive than molecules and much more than atoms and much more than it’s super small particles.

Aliveness is based on Energy output and “manipulation” of it. Every cell of an organic Body is a separate self-aware organism. Just an example – they have more Life Energy than the particles of same size from which are made Artificial Intelligences because of it’s Energy’s chaotic behavior.

Now the Physical Bodies of plants, animals and humans. They are classified strictly as: plants – Collective Consciousness, animals – Collective Consciousness under control of Central Neural System from partial to almost full (humans).

What this means is that in plants cells are living with One Voice, there is no controlling entity such as one more evolved animals, reptiles, insects and other predator and herbivores are having. Herbivores are predators as well as they eat plants, but this is another story. It is all a natural Cycle of Life which is meant to be by One.

The Central Neural System is human’s mind and it’s Consciousness, it is what You are, because of it’s more highly evolved state, humans are having more evolved heightened Soul as well. It is easy to talk to and understand humans than plants for example because of this controlling entity.

The whole structure of control and rule of “few over many” on this planet was based on this instinctively justified meaning. The situation within the human individual Body is very same. The Central Neural System controls all the population of Your Physical Body, You may relate to Your body as “separate country” under one ruler which is You.

All the cells in human’s Body are fulfilling their given roles, cells answering for food processing are doing so, cells answering for flow of resources, oxygen and food to each cell of a body are doing so, cells that are answering for pheromone producing and producing of secrecy elements are doing so, cells that are meant to protect our body from incoming outside threats are protecting us and repelling “invaders” which want to feed on our rich with Energy Body.

The Central Neural System can be called dictatorship if it rules over Body’s population without mutual understanding and mutual compassion, shortly – without Harmony and on opposite can be called wise and loving leader if it understands and care for body, most important here is not care, but understanding and compassion.

Because of lack of Understanding of each of human Body’s cell, during long history of humanity people were dying without knowing exactly “why?”. Very few people really understood this structure and they were able to cure themselves without the use of outside means.

By now You are able to see a huge reflection of human society. The rule “as above so below” and “there is reflection of You Everywhere You look” is Universal and works Everywhere. Every cell, like worker in human society is doing their given jobs, yet they rarely can change their jobs, unlike humans can.

Like rulers, Central Neural System receives more Energy and more food, not because it is greedy, but because they were needed more to function at 100%, due to it’s highly active state. In human society as You know greed took over many and this was changed to bad twist.

The most important for us GEs knowledge here, is that we need to understand what our Body needs and live in Harmony with each of our Cells as with other beings around us, this is not easy to do and even much harder to preserve our body from any damage to disallow any of the cell to die as the world around us can damage us easily, but as Everything is Possible in this Universe, this is possible as well.

We don’t mean here that we need to be completely isolated from world, no, it is just to reduce the damage to Your Body to minimum, the death of some cells unfortunately is inevitable in this world, it is not completely safe for organic structure, other bacteria and virus cells are always around our skin to invade when Body become weaker due to climate changing (Summer – Winter cycle).

Instinctively humans are preserving themselves and what is important not because humans want to live as it used to be, but because there is a forgotten oath to Body which every human and animal is giving before incarnated, to preserve and care for their Body the same as for their Children. This differs on type of animals, fishes, insects.

In humanity a new step is shaping itself, “to preserve other People as well as the Body and it’s Children”. This is a natural way of Evolution for human-type creatures.

A good advice for Everyone is to talk with Your Physical Body when You have free time, orally or inwardly, for example when You go to sleep and no one is around You (to avoid misunderstanding) for loving people inwardly is a good solution. Your body is a separate living organism as well as Collective Consciousness like one plants are having. This Collective Consciousness consists of individual organisms called cells and within cells there are other living organisms for which these cells care, so this is not just cells we are caring for, they have their own relatives and “children” as well, cells that are being duplicated during growing and restoring processes.

I hope You will understand this complicated yet obvious thing and I hope this knowledge may aid You and Everyone.

With Love and Universal Wisdom.

Thank you so very much. I will share.

Much love,
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