John Ward – Investigation : How Police, Military And Sovereigns Are Tooling Up For Disorder – 30 October 2013

in cameraSome things economic may be slowing down in China, but one outfit doing very well is the Hongmen company in Guangdong Province. Hongmen makes a range of crowd-control products, absolutely vital if one is to embrace the peace-loving free market mentality of neoliberalist capitalism in total….and keep anyone keen on expressing an opinion firmly in one place. Founded in 1997, the gate manufacturer has over 2,000 employees including 30 engineers. It’s also innovative, with over 150 patents to its name.

hongmen2Its biggest-selling line is the aptly named Controlgate, in that it sounds like a secret tool used by fascist freaks, and is exactly that: an expandable fence of gates that (says the blurb) “enhances your options for the best crowd control”.

craigWBut the actual product design was dreamed up by Craig Winton (left) of Winton Custom Controls, a Canadian company. Craig says he has ‘an ongoing commitment and passion for ongoing development of new gate features and designs and constantly seeks out new market sectors for its products.’ I’m sure his passion will keep ongoing, and I’m equally certain that, given what’s coming, he’s onto a winner here.

There’s a large subsidiary, for instance, based in Glasgow ( – which makes sense, especially on Old Firm Derby days.The future’s bright, the future’s about crowd control. This seems to be the case, as Craig Winton now sells to most of the Arab States, Australia and Europe as well as the US. And his Linkedin site makes it clear the the company has Government and Military Clients.

hongmen3Craig himself is an interesting bloke. Winton Custom Controls is based in Alberta, but his Turtlegates subsidiary is based in Los Angeles. He also has another company called Clearview Communication Supply. This is a worldwide supplier of surveillance cameras. It has some glowing testimonials….especially from various police forces in the UK.

So I think by now we can grasp what niche Craig’s in: watching and controlling large crowds of people. Crowds who might, for example, one day get uppity about their money being stolen by those supposed to be guarding it for them.

hongmen4The World Security Equipment Study notes that in 2012 the world market for security and surveillance equipment was $117 billion — not counting accessories — and the two biggest players are the United States and Canada. The annual market growth rate of 7% (not many of those around at the moment) but industry insiders told The Slog on Monday last that these figures “excluded Sovereign government purchases in many cases”. Former UK Winton employee sources also told me yesterday that the UK Clearview operation “is exceeding every sales target year after year, especially for the regional and London constabularies”.

I am being honest when I say “Well done Craig Winton”. He spotted the way the wind was blowing back in 1980, and now dominates the Canadian industry. And I say “You are all blind nitwits” to the denialists who dismiss reports of State control and surveillance as conspiracy theory poppycock.

You would have to be an idiot not to realise that what we’re really talking about here is riot control, and surveillance of persistent rioters. This site was one of the first to reveal that GCHQ got the full £13bn budget in 2008, despite Jacqui Smith’s lies to the contrary.

How weird it is that one of the biggest growth industries in the world is that one engaged in penning its citizens behind portable barriers (kind of like flying fences to replace flying pickets) while taking shots of regular dissenters. How bonkers do you have to be to equate widespread unrest with troublemaking….as opposed to genuine grievance?

Who were the last people who made that mistake? Ah, yes…Nixon, Andropov, Hönnecker…and Thatcher.

Anyway, mistaken or not, these clowns are going on a buying spree: with our money, naturally. / link to original article