Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – 31 October 2013


Dear Ones, I have been in touch almost daily with my dear friend, Anakhanda Mushaba about his beloved Papa Mushaba’s passing over into his new dimensionality. The family is hearing many things from many people around the world about their confusion and dismay over his passing. Many of them feel it shouldn’t have happened since so many times in their work the Mushaba Power of Five relayed that their intent was to ascend into their new lightbodies, as we all do. They are seeing that not only have they been mislead, but so too are so many over the world in thinking that this is what we are destined for, as long as we hold firmly in that knowing.

As I was writing my response this morning to Anakhanda’s sharing with me, I felt the loving presence of one of my inner voices so I allowed the words to flow as best I could. In essence they said that we are all living in the times now where we believe so wholeheartedly in what we have been reading, personally receiving from our inner voices, and what we have been witnessing in various ways, that we can sometimes be blown away by something that seems to be averse to what we have been being told. It is a matter of us wondering now what to believe. How can what we have been told be true, when someone who is so fully representative of the truth of our power suddenly be showing us something else? What are we to believe?

The people are latching unto the news of Papa’s passing and relating it to what is going on in the world. Its like they see it is as symbolic, therefore are reacting in a way that is not only of this present energy, but of their touching in with the coming times. They want something to associate it with because of the energies they are used to. They want to look at what is to blame and hold it in a shovel that can dig into the truth of the past and bring it to the surface in order to explain. Some of the reactions, in a nutshell, are still holding on to what they are used to, while at the same time allowing what is in the present energies to influence their ways of thinking and feeling. It can be a bit disassembling, while at the same time something that people can relate to because of the energies they are in right now.

The truth seems to me to be that Papa has shown us the perfect response to that. He is coming from the energy of Maldek from which we showed ourselves what can happen when we stop believing in ourselves and reach out to hear words from some other source about what we should do and believe. When on Maldek we didn’t believe in our own inner guidance, our world was blown apart by the confusion and disarray that resulted from the ones who came to the planet to take us over.

We can stand our ground and prove to ourselves that we are capable of creating our world as we intend it to be. We can follow the wonderfully powerful example that papa has given us, by reminding ourselves that sometimes in order to be that example we can be the very essence of that which we have been told we can do and be. Does that make sense to you? Do you see that we can take Papa’s example and create our own intention to show what is best for ourselves in the moment? Papa was in a position where he could see the opportunity for being what he felt was best in the moment. He was speaking through his knowledge of what he could do in the power of love and the freedom to create his message in a way that would resonate through anyone who chose to receive it.

What this says to me is that when the time comes for us to move forward in our lives and make any decisions that we see would serve us, then we have the freedom to do so in a way that not only serves us, but others as well. The decision he made to go to his higher self was representative of his making the choice that he saw to be the best for him. We are all in a position where we can chose what our best example can be, first for ourselves and then for others. Papa ‘s decision could have gone beyond the pain and suffering he was in, to the picture he was seeing in the higher place of expression he tapped into.

I just realized the timing of this message; it is on Halloween day. Gives me the thought that this is the opportunity to look at the energy of the day and what it speaks of and then compare it with what is coming forth from my inner self. Does this speak to you of what I am hearing? Do you see the incredible words of interaction of the so-called dark ones with the light ones? Have you asked yourself why do we on this planet give so much energy to the idea of Halloween in celebration on this day, as we do at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc? Perhaps it is because on some level we are celebrating all aspects of our life here in this duality, so that we can see the totality of what we have chosen to experience. Not only does that say that the beautiful birth of the Christ child is as much something to celebrate as the coming forth of the dark ones that seek to challenge us at every turn of our lives.

Look at what we have done since the birth of our Christ energy. Now look at what has assisted us to appreciate that and to move forward away from the energy that could have kept us in fear of what we are not. We do have the power that we were created in and we have done our journey in a way that is not only an example to ourselves and all of humanity, but to all of existence as well. So thank you dear Mushaba family and to Papa for expressing what it is that we can do and be in the wake of whatever we choose for our journey through these ascension times, and beyond. We all love each other and thank you all for what you have given us thus far. It is all part of our journey.  Now with Papa living out the rest of his journey in the dimensionality that is his choice for the example he had the ability to make, we can make our choices in our own power and go from there in the example that is in perfection for all of us.

So dear ones, I speak now in the energy of another day to remember, and that is the day in which we live our lives in the purity of our Love. Go forth and celebrate that which is in your hearts, and Love all of the gifts you are given.

Thanks to all of You,

Love, Nancy Tate / link to  original article

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