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Central Banks Give Each Other Access To Currency – 1 November 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek

By David Mc Hugh

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Six of the world’s leading central banks, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, say they will provide each other with ready supplies of their currencies on a standing basis, extending arrangements set up to steady the global financial system during post-2007 turbulence.

The decision announced Thursday extends currency swap arrangements that until now had been considered temporary measures.
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Jim Self – Planetary Update – November 2013 – 1 November 2013

Uploaded on 31 October 2013 by MasteringAlchemy Every month, Jim Self “takes the pulse” of the energies currently affecting us and the planet. Free eBook – The Shift — What it is… Why it’s Happening… How it’s Going to Affect You and The Mastering of Alchemy by Jim Self http://www.masteringalchemy.com/libra… Mastering Alchemy (sign up for free membership and access to Jim’s free webinar series) http://www.MasteringAlchemy.com/becom…
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Laura Bruno – GMO Labeling Initiative In WA State – 1 November 2013

laura-of-the-rocksWith the upcoming (November 5) vote on the GMO Labeling Initiative in Washington State, I wanted to collect and link to some of the most thoughtful articles from previously undecided voters, stores and health watch organizations. I realize that many of my own blog readers already eat organic foods and have their own opinion about GMO labels or bans. Given the confusing smear campaign of lies from big, out of state corporations, I wanted to offer information from real voters and organizations who’ve done their research. Please share with anyone you know who lives in Washington State, as GMO labels in Washington would likely result in GMO labels across the US. Many thanks! Continue reading

Daniella Breen – The Matrix : The Changing Scene – 1 November 2013

Uploaded on 1 November 2013 by Daniella Breen In this video, I talk about some of the shifting changes that occur as the old systems, wounding, contracts, magnetics and other distortions are shut down. I also look at integrating the many lives and worlds we exist in and more. Here’s Me: Daniella Breen

Carl Boudreau – The Astrology Of November 2013- For Everyone – At Long Last – 1 November 2013


 October Recap Continue reading

CLN – Michael Forrester – All Truths Are True, Get Over It – 1 November 2013

consciouslifenewsIt is often a painstaking process to attend to this subject without having to counter the millions of strong egos who simply refuse to accept such a simple concept. It is the struggle of the ages to move from a position of duality to one of acceptance that all truths are true, regardless of their perception, interpretation or validity to one or more persons. It’s a challenge for most to take this on at face value because the query by human nature is “how can there not be one truth?” My response is always “how CAN there be just ONE truth?” Can you see through other people’s eyes? Can you experience their emotions? Have you lived through their life experience? Can you see all perspectives? Of course not. So there cannot be any one truth for all people, and if you don’t believe it, that’s because you are experiencing your own perception of truth. See how it works? Continue reading

ActivistPost – Trevor Timm – Feinstein’s New NSA Bill Will Codify And Extend Mass Surveillance Of Americans – 1 November 2013

Logo_activistpost-comSen. Dianne Feinstein, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and one of the NSA’s biggest defenders, released what she calls an NSA “reform” bill today.

Don’t be fooled: the bill codifies some of the NSA’s worst practices, would be a huge setback for everyone’s privacy, and it would permanently entrench the NSA’s collection of every phone record held by U.S. telecoms. We urge members of Congress to oppose it. Continue reading

John Ward – Revealed : Government Helps The Unemployment Problem…By Farming Out Claimant Enquiries To India – 1 November 2013

loutitle2Don’t be sent to prison, sick, not too bright, born into poverty, or unemployed. You no longer have a hope in Hell: the New Right is on your case.

Britain 2013: the depraved in pursuit of the deprived Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – We Are The Guardians (In Training) Of Shambhala – 1 November 2013

lisagawlas2As promised, this is a continuation from yesterday.  The weather gods are having mercy on me this morning, it is really unseasonably warm, so no worries about frozen fingers for me this morning!! (smile)

Sometimes, I can be so incredibly slow on the uptake of information.  It was only yesterday that I suddenly realized, the golden gateway that opened up earlier this month here just in front of my fathers front porch, is in the same exact place that energy funnel WE created and opened up with our attempts at readings this past summer, was.  I also realized, we Me and You,) as a group collective, started to prepare for this time together this past June.  I also came to fully realize, the little light beings that came thru that gateway, were as much each of you as it was spiritual entities to help us thru this change of venue.  Our transition from human in lesson to spiritual guides in human form.  I also know, we have just cracked the gateway open and are at the very beginning stage of a much broader lesson/interaction with Life in our collective history. Continue reading

John Ward – Greece: The Truth….Samaras Is A liar, And The Economy Is Still Going Backwards – 1 November 2013

JohnWThere are times when putting up certain posts strikes one as pointless. But then one remembers that – who knows – some of this information might be hidden from historians in the immediate future….and then pop up from some cloud somewhere in the far future, thanks to the archaeological skills of somebody from the Third Millennium.

The following data are from the Greek Statistical service. Continue reading