John Ward – Greece: The Truth….Samaras Is A liar, And The Economy Is Still Going Backwards – 1 November 2013

JohnWThere are times when putting up certain posts strikes one as pointless. But then one remembers that – who knows – some of this information might be hidden from historians in the immediate future….and then pop up from some cloud somewhere in the far future, thanks to the archaeological skills of somebody from the Third Millennium.

The following data are from the Greek Statistical service.

Go to this link here (you may need to press ctrl and + at the same time to read it) and you will see that every indicator of economic activity in Greece has been in 5th reverse gear since the 2008-10 period, depending on the specific measure. This should also alert you to the fact that any surreal talk of recovery in 2014 is the sort of thing that, were Dali still alive, he would’ve included in one of his more formative nightmare canvases.

Some examples will suffice.

All indices of production output have been negative since 2008. All production indices since 2009 have been very severely negative. All wholesale trade turnover has been in double-digit decline since 2011. (Most of this is food for restaurants, upon which a tourist economy like Greece’s is massively dependent). All retail trade turnover has been negative since 2009. But against all this impoverishment, inflation in Greece ran at an average 2.65% from 2008-2012.

The lower and upper middle class traditional New Democracy supporters need to wake up from their slumber. While they overslept, Greece has been conned by the political class and raped by Berlin-am-Brussels.

This has been said many times before, but the solution for Greece is perfectly obvious: do it to them before they do it to you….as the anchor policeman on Hill Street Blues used to say.

They’re going to f**k you, Greece. So come March, f**k them with a disorderly default. And have a plan in place for the restoration of the Drachma.

Stop giving away your unique jewels like the world’s best olive oil to the Italians, and the world’s most sublime coastlines to German carpetbaggers. Start seriously marketing a Greek summer lasting from April to November to the sun-starved North Europeans – at prices that make France, Italy and Spain look outrageously expensive by comparison. Sell the unique beauty of a holiday property in Greece to the new Asian rich.

But above all, banish the uncertainty from your lives. Be not afraid: the only way from your current position is up. As FDR said to Americans in 1933, “You have nothing to fear but fear itself”. Fear is endemic in your political class: fear of losing the privileges, fear of falling off the gravy train, fear of citizen revenge. Get these bastards off your backs, give yourselves back a flexible currency. I’m not a Marxist or anything close to that, but I have no hesitation in saying, “You have nothing to lose but your chains”. / link to original article


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