Lisa Gawlas – We Are The Guardians (In Training) Of Shambhala – 1 November 2013

lisagawlas2As promised, this is a continuation from yesterday.  The weather gods are having mercy on me this morning, it is really unseasonably warm, so no worries about frozen fingers for me this morning!! (smile)

Sometimes, I can be so incredibly slow on the uptake of information.  It was only yesterday that I suddenly realized, the golden gateway that opened up earlier this month here just in front of my fathers front porch, is in the same exact place that energy funnel WE created and opened up with our attempts at readings this past summer, was.  I also realized, we Me and You,) as a group collective, started to prepare for this time together this past June.  I also came to fully realize, the little light beings that came thru that gateway, were as much each of you as it was spiritual entities to help us thru this change of venue.  Our transition from human in lesson to spiritual guides in human form.  I also know, we have just cracked the gateway open and are at the very beginning stage of a much broader lesson/interaction with Life in our collective history.

I also think back to the dream I had shortly after my dad got out of the hospital the first time.  I am now using it as a simple road map to our journey together and when and where changes are and have taken place.  The symbology we receive, whether in meditation or in our dreamtime, is crucial for us to understand.  In these accelerated times, they really are serving as our road maps of unfolding.

What really stuck with me in this dream was the age of my youngest daughter.  She was the same age, same appearance as she was when she and I moved to the mountainside in Vermont in 2002.  A time when I was gifted two native american spirit guides.  One was “Chief Golden Eagle” that crazy Indian danced around me all the time, in full dress, sometimes singing in a language I no longer understood.  They never spoke in English, only their native tongue.  I eventually learned while still on that mountainside that he, and the old medicine woman who was always with him, “Golden Eagle” were my father and grandfather of a life I lived in that very spot in the late 1400′s.  I also came to realize, Chief Golden Eagle was my father in this lifetime.

They never left my side and taught me the ways of Being in Life with all things.  They taught me how to communicate to all living things around me, to never just take, but to always ask (example: a lot of flowers really do not want to be picked, they just simply want to grow and Be.)  They taught me how to build and use a medicine wheel they called my wheel of transformation.

11 years later, the roles have reversed.

I share this memory as well, to help you see how intricately our lives are woven together.  We have never been traveling a straight line to anywhere, but a spiral that encircles a greater journey…. if we dare to live it.

On my drive back to Virginia on the 25th, my daughter and I were being silly in the car when suddenly the dream popped back in me mind and I realized that my daughter is indeed with me… this is the time my dream was prepping me for.  Even to the degree, that single night I passed out at my son’s house, was in the same room that the TV that I wanted to tote up to the 4th floor, was in.

The tarantula is now living and weaving with us all, within the cracks of time.

We (you and I) are so interconnected now, that we pull from each other… the love, the wisdom, even… the words we choose to use.  We are developing our telepathy together without even trying.  To know, to feel, to act… as One.

We have broken ground fully within Shambhala… together.  The last quarter of this year, is the most important time to take all that we have learned, all that we have cleared (in the realm of fear) and Be the Living Spirit on earth.

Personally, I think about You, our connections, our intimacy together, and fully realize that Shambhala is no longer a single place on earth, but a dynamic weave around this planet.  Each one igniting their magnetic pole of love and energy from where they are, in all they do, think and say.

But… what does it really mean for us to take on the energy, the role, as a spiritual guide in human form?  This was my question during my bath a few days ago.  I was shown standing near my dad, so combined within his energy field, I could no longer discern his from mine.  I have had a constant cough since I arrived, altho not as bad as those 10 days I wrote about, but I still cough, a lot.  I was shown how I am helping to move the mucus for my dad, thru my own ability to cough… and with that, I realized how much of our own pain bodies, our own illnesses our own spiritual guides took on and transmuted for us.  For us, it was to allow full healing, for my dad, it is to allow comfort.

When I was here at my Dads in June, I was going to start doing energy work on him to remove what I could of the tumor in his lung, instantly I heard our teams say “this is not his path.”  So I spent the time really getting to know my father.  And now, I realize, this is his greatest teaching role of his whole life here on earth, to allow us all to grow and be a part of a transition that will equally transition us all into the greater field of heaven on earth.

Before I close for today, I also want to share an analogy that was also given in my bath in how we work (you and I) as a team.  It was likened to the game of football… not in the violence of the game, but how important each player is the to whole on the field.  Individually, we are all the quarterbacks of our own lives, but without the rest of the team in place, we would get mangled.

Thank you for Being so active and so assertive within this game with me, my father, my siblings… you are touching more lives than you can ever imagine.  I have said this before, but NOW, I really deeply understand it’s fullness: Without YOU, there would be no ME.

Half time is over… and we are running towards the goal!!

((((HUGZ))))) of eternal love and deep wells of gratitude to each of you: The Guardians of Shambhala.

Lisa Gawlas

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