Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Earth, Rise To Heaven – 2 November 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

If you did not compare your life to another’s, you would never feel sorry for yourself. If you do ever feel sorry for yourself, then you do compare yourself to others.

If you did not compare, you would appreciate that which accompanies you.

You could live outside under a tree, and you would not think: “If only I could have a little house.”

And if you have a little house, and you saw a marble house, you would not think: “If only I could have a house made of marble.”

And if you did not compare, you would not think: “Why aren’t my children as bright as Mrs. So and So’s children who win all the prizes?”

You would not think: “I wish I could be as slim and as beautiful as that movie star.”

If you did not compare, you would not bemoan what you see as loss.

And there is the other side as well. If you are prosperous and you did not compare yourself to others, you would not think: “How lucky I am to be prosperous, and my brother is not.”

If you were beautiful, you would not think: “How lucky I am to be the fairest of all!”

And if you were in perfect health, you would not think: “I am so glad to be perfectly healthy while my neighbor is so ill.” You would be glad, yet you would not make the comparison.

If you did not compare, you would neither compare up nor would you compare down.

But you do compare, and vanity is rife.

But you do compare, and there is judgment.

But you do compare, and there are threads of envy or threads of pity.

If you are hungry, you would be hungry, yet if you compare yourself to others who have full stomachs, you might resent or begrudge others their full stomachs when your stomach is empty.

If you did not compare, would you ever be unhappy or annoyed?

It seems to Me that if comparisons were not made, everyone would eat. Everyone would be beautiful. It seems to Me that no one would lack, and all would be right with the world. So it seems to Me.

What would not be right with the world when comparisons go out the window?

Who would know poverty?

Who would not know how blessed he is? Who would not be content with life and know the fullness of it?

There would be no with’s and no without’s. There would be no have’s and have not’s.

One could still be ambitious, yet ambition would not be competitive. There would be no cutthroats. There would be no cops and robbers. There would be no perceived need for them.

There would be no academy awards. There would be no five-star ratings and no two star-ratings.

Every student would do his best in school from his inner desires.

Without comparison, where would malcontent exist?

Now, let Me make clear that no one would be unaware of what another has or another does not have, yet it would not be looked at in terms of more or less. It also seems to Me, that if there were not comparisons and pride, there would not be prejudice, and, without prejudice there would be more for everyone and not less.

Love would take the place of comparison. Helpfulness would rise. Sharing would come into its own.

A whole lot of stress and strain would be removed from the world and the hearts of all.

Comparison, be gone. Earth, rise to Heaven. Angels do not think that God loves another more regardless of what their roles may be. Angels do not covet, nor does any angel feel overlooked.

All will be well on Earth as it is in Heaven. link to original article

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