Sophia Love – How Will You Spend It? – 2 November 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

How many times must you read or hear or see something that validates your own knowing – before you trust your own truth?  The ones that have come before you, those you’ve heard tell of, that have done the seemingly impossible – did not hold any greater power than you do right now.

The difference is that they believed.  They did not come up to the moment and look around for some greater or wiser “other” to explain to them the process.  They showed up and did what came naturally to them.  They operated from their core truth.  It was all they knew.  It was enough.

The ideas embedded deeply in your subconscious around hierarchy, worship, fear and payment were planted there intentionally from the beginning.  They come from training, not truth.

As the story of the origin of man is told, it sounds familiar.  There may be a part of you questioning which chapters are true NOW.  There have been so very many lies.  But you know.  It is held within you.

There is no place in which you are less.  Throw out the word “only”.  You are not merely a color or a gender or a name – you are a god.  You hold no limitations.

Your life is not here to be spent, as if in exchange for something else, something better.  It is meant to be lived.  In all cases there is nothing better to trade it in for.  There is right now, the focal point of creation, the moment where it all begins.

What will you do with this treasure?  There is no greater gift than NOW.  Enlightenment does not take you away from anything.  It exposes what’s been there all along.  You do not need to learn how to be what you are.  Listen.  You’ve carefully placed reminders all around you.

They show up in whispers and websites, neighbors and strangers.  This is not a test and no studying is necessary.  You cannot cheat.  You wrote it and are taking it as a sort of game.  You can play as long as you choose.

As we engage you’ll recognize and remember moves you’ve made before, many times.  There are old favorites, signature strategies meant to supply specific emotional content.  Now they’ve been exposed.  You are free to choose the outcome of this round.  The familiar pulls but you are aware now.  You know a fruitless effort when you see one.  No one has to tell you what doesn’t work.

The amazing part is here.  It’s like nothing you’ve imagined and better.  This is so because, as master craftsmen and women, you’ve held a picture of the exquisite always in your heart.  It’s what you do.  Many billion versions of perfection are creating this moment with full hearts and wide open eyes.

You were there at the beginning, eagerly nodding your head as you signed up for this experiment.  Why?  Not for pain or suffering or loss or debt, although you knew that was included. You signed up for right now.  The realization and recognition of your eternal essence is beyond your wildest imaginings.

As our friend Bob Wright said so beautifully, “Look into each others eyes and see the angels that have been prophesied.  It is you.”

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

~Sophia / link to original article


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