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RemovingTheShackles – To Bank Or Not To Bank, That Is The Question – 4 November 2013

0e358-removing-the-shacklesFirst off, before I get started, I want to apologize- to you the readers and to Heather for the mistaken titles that I picked for the articles that I put out a few days ago with all of the Declarations in them.  I will be re-titling the articles as soon as I finish this article so that there is no more confusion.  Continue reading

Phys.org – Dramatic End Of Plasma Crystal Experiment – 4 November 2013


For seven years it delivered outstanding results for science and technology on the International Space Station, now the successful plasma crystal laboratory PK-3 Plus operated one last time. After undocking from the International Space Station the ESA Einstein transporter with the laboratory on board entered the Earth’s atmosphere beginning of November and burned up – and PK-3 Plus produced its last plasma, a hot one. In June the operational phase of PK-3 Plus ended with a last series of experiments and with a spectacular finish; the scientists will still need some time to analyse these data.

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Legal Expert: “Under [the Government’s] Definition, The Pentagon Papers Could Be Treated As The Same Act As The 9-11 Bombings” – 4 November 2013

InvestmentWatchby WashingtonsBlog

“Espionage Or Terrorism … Classifications Are Now Entirely Arbitrary”

As we’ve documented ad nauseum, the American and British governments are treating whistleblowers and reporters as terrorists.

But don’t listen to us …

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Daniella Breen – The Matrix : Relating To Suffering – 4 November 2013

Uploaded on 3 November 2013 by Daniella Breen A common question when discussing the separating from the Hologram, is the issue of how to relate to the suffering of others. Here’s my answer.  Here’s Me: Daniella Breen

Exclusive: Interview With Doug Vogt, Petitioner For Birth Certificate Forgery Affidavits “THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HANG” By Sharon Rondeau – 4 November 2013

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Exclusive: Interview with Doug Vogt, Petitioner for Birth Certificate Forgery Affidavits “THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HANG” By Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email

(Oct. 29, 2013) — Following the submission of two affidavitsat theU.S. District Courtfor the Western District of Washington on October 18, The Post & Email contacted the petitioner, Douglas Vogt, to ask him key questions about his claims that the short-formand long-formbirth certificates of Barack Hussein Obamaare forgeries and that the identity of the forger and other criminal assistants is known. Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Goddess Seeds Of Light By Goddess Rosanna – 4 November 2013

natalie glassonPermit yourself to enter into a sacred space and cocoon of the Goddess light, let the divine feminine vibrations wash over you as if they are cleansing nutritious fragrant waves of light drifting into every aspect of your being. Let yourself embrace the divine Goddess vibrations for they are truly merging with the Earth and the dimension of the planet. The Goddess vibrations are integrating, active and potent; you can now connect with this vibration more than ever before, feeling as if you exist in a cocoon of Goddess light. The vibrations of the Goddess present themselves so gracefully because you are conscious of your divine Goddess presence within your being.  Your body is resonating with grace, beauty, gentleness, compassion and tenderness; these vibrations currently have a powerful impact upon your being. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Michael Vail Breaks Down The War On Journalism – 4 November 2013

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

Micheal Vail, editor of StratRisks.com and BlackListedNews.com joins us once again, this time to discuss the “war on journalists” that is being waged at the moment. From Feinstein’s attempt to redefine journalism to the recent revelations about spying on reporters to attempts to label journalists as terrorists, we examine the roots and ramifications of this latest war on the people.

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