Exclusive: Interview With Doug Vogt, Petitioner For Birth Certificate Forgery Affidavits “THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HANG” By Sharon Rondeau – 4 November 2013

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Exclusive: Interview with Doug Vogt, Petitioner for Birth Certificate Forgery Affidavits “THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HANG” By Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email

(Oct. 29, 2013) — Following the submission of two affidavitsat theU.S. District Courtfor the Western District of Washington on October 18, The Post & Email contacted the petitioner, Douglas Vogt, to ask him key questions about his claims that the short-formand long-formbirth certificates of Barack Hussein Obamaare forgeries and that the identity of the forger and other criminal assistants is known.

On October 18, 2013, Douglas Vogt filed two affidavits with
the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington
requesting that a special federal grand jury be empaneled to
examine evidence of forgery, fraud, and treason in
the matter of Obama’s forged birth certificates
Vogt is owner of Archive Index Systems, which markets scanners, copiers and document imaging systems.  Previous to that, he owned and operated a typesetting business.  An accountant by training, Vogt has also worked as a certified public accountant.  Vogt has performed exhaustive research and published books on science and history.

Vogt maintainsthat the two fraudulent birth certificates were produced by the Hawaii Department of Health in cooperation with several employees there, including the director, Loretta Fuddy.

The public affidavit, or “Notice,” can be read here:

Notice Doug Vogt 10-18-13A Memorandum of Law accompanying the Notice explaining the need for a second, sealed affidavit is

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