Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Life Is Good For You – 6 November 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

Worry not. Fear not. Love all that you presently may fear. What makes sense but to come from love? What is there to do but to welcome what comes? Everything comes with its blessings, and, so, when it comes, be hospitable. You are the host, and what transpires in life is the guest, and so you are generous.

In terms of people, you well understand by now that appearances aren’t everything. Not at all. You know to look at the light in the eyes of all you meet rather than his clothes.

There is benefit to gain from everything. Even illness, accidents. They make you stop in your tracks. They make you say, “Whoa. Slow down. Take a look at what’s going on.” There is something to gain and something to learn. In whatever way the course of your life goes, there is a rainbow at the end of it.

This includes death of the body — and acne. However you may look at what may trouble you, there is another way to look at it.

You may ask: “Even pain, God? I should welcome pain?”

At least, beloveds, make peace with it. There is more to pain than pain. And you are more than your life on Earth.

Let go of trying to find reasons for everything that befalls. That will be an endless pursuit. You will not be able to reconcile it all. Everything that befalls is a great equalizer. Death of the body reaches everyone you know or don’t know. Death doesn’t mean you did something wrong and that someone who continues to live did right. It is a state of life that the body leaves. It comes with the territory. It is an experience like any other, for every experience opens you up to something new, ever onward and upward. Consider yourself a picture of your DNA as you spiral up in perfect form.

Dwell not on the past, whether past life or the past of this life. Life on Earth and so-called death on Earth are both rewards, beloveds. There are no punishments. Life is good for you, and death of the body is also good for you. Someone who is alive is not more worthy than someone who has died. What an opportunity life gives you to let go of appraisals. Appraisal is perhaps a more gentle word for judgment. Ranking anything is judgment, beloveds. Everyone has first place with Me. I see no contradiction, but you do.

You fulfill your life as best you know. You are learning. You are learning to live, and you are learning to let go. You were not born full-grown. All are learners. All are traveling a new path with twists and turns that they walk on as best they can. As illusory time goes on, their best becomes wiser and easier to do. It is only natural. Perhaps not best across the board because there are moments of grace and moments of displeasure, grace becoming greater and displeasure becoming less.

Life is a precious process. Your life is a precious process. And you are precious to Me regardless of wherever you find yourself or lose yourself on the way. You do come to the rainbow.

Life is a continuum. There is no end to it. And life is always, and it never had a beginning. If you are Eternal and Infinite, you always were so just as surely as you will always be, not in your present form and identity, for you always transcend your individual concerns which may be named ego, an aspect of life that you are, as best you can, little by little, letting go of. / link to original article

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