Visionkeeper – Gifting The World – 6 November 2013

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It seems important at this time to stop searching for the who we are and finally figure out what gift we have to offer the world to help to make the world a better place. We all have something special that makes us who we are but are we using those gifts, are we offering them to the world in hopes of making it a better place? Isn’t this ultimately what we are here for? Helping to make the world a better place by sharing our love? It really is that simple. When I pass on I would like most to be remembered not for who I was but rather what I gave to the world that hopefully made a difference. Making a difference in the world is such an uplifting experience and it seems the world as a whole is desperately missing uplifting experiences that bring great wonder to our lives. So many have lost their wonder for life it seems. What is life without wonder and feeling uplifted and inspired? It is empty and hollow and without deep meaning. It is surprising that the world has survived for so long without that! For a very long time we have been a world of walking Zombies, going through the usual but minus the heart felt emotions. Thank Goodness we are changing that quickly now. We are coming alive like an appendage that has fallen asleep and begins to prickle back to life.!

Most of us have spent a lifetime searching for a reason for being here and yet what we really need to be discovering at this time is what our gifts are, what gifts do we hold within that we can share with the world and bring light to the darkness in doing so? Our gifts are what we can offer from the depths of our hearts. Our gifts are what move us and create wonder in our lives. Look for your passions and usually your gifts are not far away, they feed each other and give each other energy to exist. Our lives are not about how much we have or how important we are, it is all about what difference we can make in the world. Should a rich man want to be remembered for how wealthy he was or for what he did with all of his money that made a dramatic difference?

Let us  spend some time thinking about where our passions lie. Next we look carefully at what we are good at and then we combine them into a gift we can offer the world. This seems to be what this phase of our journey is about. What can we give to the world. It is time to step away from the ‘what do WE need or want’ mindset and open up our vision to include the world. This journey is no longer about ‘me’ thinking, but rather it is about the ‘us’ of humanity. Who can we be in the bigger picture of things?  Who is the universal me that we are all capable of being that affects the whole world? We know pretty much who the smaller me is who resides within our bodies and goes about our daily endeavors, but who are if we are to extend ourselves out into the universe? It’s worth thinking about. It seems to be the next part of the puzzle we are trying to discover. What can we give to the world when we step outside of our boxes and embrace the whole of humanity?

Blessings to us all,

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