AdaptingToGrace – The Frequency Of Fairy – 8 November 2013

eileenmeyerBefore I share the fairy message… a note about this post: I just got back from a trip to California – to attend memorial services for my step-sister, P. She was missing for over 3 months in the Mojave Desert. They finally found her two weeks ago. P wanted to leave. I like to imagine that the fairies spent time with her – laughing and playing – reminding her about what LIFE really is (not necessarily what we are taught in this reality) before she transcended this realm. On Sunday I had to smile as I cruised down the freeway, headed back home. You see, P cracked open a lot of hearts in her leaving… a little something that a select group of fairies exist to do.

In my lifetime, I have had a few profound experiences with the giggling, joyful little beings that most call fairies, pixies, etc. As usual, I care little about what other people name them. I know them by their frequency. The first time I became aware of them in both a visual and feeling way, was during my 5th fire ceremony (of 20) during my Walking of the Mayan Fire Path and eventual initiation in Tikal. I could barely take in their frequency of joy. It was a complete surprise to me as I had never even thought much about them until that point. Then during my 9th fire ceremony – they came out in great numbers, laughing, giggling and carrying on. Today I feel their presence whenever I am getting to “heady” or taking myself too seriously.

Back in 2005 I was guided to a river rock on the ground where I was housesitting in Santa Fe. I was out on a routine walk for exercise when it magnetically pulled me to it. It was so strong that I could do nothing but fall to my knees and “listen” to what it wanted to share – a message from the fairies. To this day, I hold this amazing stone while I connect and translate from the frequencies of intelligent beings that make up the many aspects of my Universal Identity – fairies and all.

Excerpt from “The Fairy”  4/4/05

…We are not necessarily a serious bunch. We reside in a realm within the Earth’s vibratory frequency, that most of you are not able to perceive in your waking states. Some who have the vision are able to see us from time to time. Mostly, when we wish to interact, we will dance in your dreams and whisper messages of hope and passion and love. Just little reminders here and there, so that when you awake, you awaken with a smile, even if it is for just a moment before the heaviness and the density knocks at your door and calls for your attention. We are reminding you now, as we have throughout Earth time. It is one of our jobs. It is a job we love, although we are aware that the word ‘job’ in the denser realms in which you reside is not really a positive expression of work and service. We love our work and our service, so maybe we will choose a different word… This is our play to interact with you. Our service is play! Our service is beauty. Our service is joy.

We dance and weave through the manifest forms in nature. We are not separate from; we could never perceive ourselves as separate from our playground. The playground is an extension of who we are and we are an extension of the playground. We understand that it is a very different form of existence that may sound strange in words, but we assure you that if you allow yourselves to open and feel what the playground feels like … we assure you that through this feeling nature you will know things. You have this capability. It is natural and it is inherent within your very being, within your flesh, which is but a crystallized form of the spirit of Love that you are – as we all are.

So we work, or we should say “play”, in the feeling realm, activating the heart so that the heart becomes the communication device within your earthly experience. You have been dependent on the mental process in your past but this is now, and in this now it does not need to take a long period of your time to change your mind from your head to your heart. It can happen in an instant. That is the beauty of the heart energy, of the heart-as-master in this realm. The heart knows. The heart does not require an equation or a formula to break down into compartments and components. But we speak now to those who wish to be their Natural Self and we are here to tell you that it is very easy. We will explore various games and puzzles and stories that will excite the heart and invite the heart back into your earthly experience. Oh it is not that it ever went away, just put aside for a bit. You remember as a child? You remember the joy and the magic and the perfection of running out to play on a brand new day? Full of possibilities…full of excitement? The joy of meeting up with your friends and deciding what you would do, what game you would play, what trail you would explore. And the laughter; you remember the laughter? The mind is very useful in your earthly experience. It is useful though because of the choice to become so focused and so dense in your physicality. And we enter a time now where we will see, and we will all celebrate what life looks like as a full-grown adult being who lives in the heart. It is a return of sorts, to childhood. Not within your human framework. Not within the context of your day-to-day world, in a sense of separation, but as a return to the child-like state of that love and magic. It’s not magic when you are a child. It’s the truth. Magic is a word used to describe that which is not owned as natural. So you are invited to be a child again. The fairies – we are children. We are child-like. We live within the magic.

…We have discovered something here, have we not? That by holding the stone we are able to partner in these transmissions? These transmissions will sound simple and rather child-like. They must not be compared to any other transmission for this transmission is unique to the agreement of the participants. We are here to remind. Re-mind. Re-mind you to your heart. Yes there are words and the words will remain simple, for it is the feeling realm and it is the broadcast energy that we transmit. The words, they dance and play on the surface. The energy is the stream, the waters of life that come to refresh and to cleanse…and to feed. Once you are re-minded, you will not need to look outside of yourself for this sustenance. It will bubble up and out of you. And then you will choose in what ways you will share your abundance with those around you…how you will choose to play. The love of your own heart is here now. Welcome it! And we are always here as a reference for this energy. We gladly serve in this way. We gladly play with you in this way. to original article

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