Aisha North – I See Wonderful Things – 7 November 2013

AishaNorth“As my eyes grew accustomed to the light, details of the room within emerged slowly from the mist, strange animals, statues, and gold – everywhere the glint of gold. For the moment – an eternity it must have seemed to the others standing by – I was struck dumb with amazement, and when Lord Carnarvon, unable to stand the suspense any longer, inquired anxiously, ‘Can you see anything?,’ it was all I could do to get out the words, ‘Yes, wonderful things.” Howard Carter, Valley of the Kings, November 1922

Dear friends! I feel a little bit like Howard Carter did when he first set eyes on the wonders of Tutankhamun’s tomb, for what is coming in with all of these intense energies, is nothing short of wonderful. For I have started to see this new world we are creating, and it is becoming more and more detailed, so I have been guided to share what I see with you, for I think there are others out there who also have something to share about this.

It is no secret that the energies have become increasingly intense this last week or so, and every time I connect with them, I feel them coursing through my body in a way that is almost painful at times. When I ground myself and connect with Mother Earth, I get a powerful bout of pins and needles, and my feet and legs start to twitch. When I open my crown chakra, my head gets very hot and it starts to vibrate so strongly I can almost hear my brain rattle around inside of it, and when I connect and merge these energies in my center, my whole body responds. Alex, you posted an interesting comment under “Welcome to the seventh Gathering around the Pond”, where you talked about the triune energies. “But here is the thing…and why we are so important….as human bodies, we are a merging conduit of the energy of the earth, the energy of the sun and the divine energy–we create a triune energy that together is much more powerful and useful ON earth than any one alone…

And here it is folks–WE are the only ones who can do this. Here in the earthly realms WE are more powerful, more capable of effecting change than the heavenly realms and this is why WHEN we focus, concretely and with intention to shine this triune energy outward and share it with others we become amazingly powerful and creative in this earthly realm!”

This has helped me a lot, for whenever I consciously connect with these energies, I also bring in the energy from the Sun and from the crystal in the lake and I visualize how all of these energies merge into one single, focused beam of light that shoots out from my solar plexus and starts to interact with the “sea of possibilities” as the CCs call it and starts to create. This happens at least once or twice every night now, and in addition, I have been guided to go into meditation during daytime and do the same.

Every time I do this, the same thing happens: images appear, and I “see” the new world in all of its glory. At first, it was just simple images of a green and vibrant world, inhabited by people filled with joy and love living in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth but now, I “see” more and more details. Here are some of the things I have seen the last 48 hours:

Everyone is very connected to All there is, and we do daily meditations where we sit facing the Sun. Young and old, single or in groups, it is an important part of our daily rituals. We do not eat much food, mostly fruit and vegetables, because we get much of our sustenance and energy from this deep connection we have with the Sun and the energies that surround us. We have become like the plants and the trees, gathering our nutrition mainly from the Sun’s rays, the air and the water, and what we need in addition to that we grow ourselves.

Because we have this deep connection with ourselves and with the energies, we are also keeping our bodies well balanced, so we live longer and have few health problems. We do have hospitals, but they mainly serve as “emergency rooms” where you go to get help if you have some sort of accident. They can mend bones and fix any traumatic injuries by using non-invasive techniques involving vibration and sound. (Susan, you have described some of this already.) I have also seen something that look like concert halls, where they use sound and music to help balance those that needs some external help in addition to their own interaction with the energies.

Transport is mostly done by a form of teleportation. It looked like a kind of “bus station” or transport hub where you could go if you wanted to travel, and there was a sort of network of “corridors” that was used for this, a bit like an underground train system, but this was more like energetic wormholes accessed from these “stations”. I saw groups of people sitting down as if in a bus, getting ready to be whisked off to wherever it was they were going.

We are not alone in this “new world”, there are other beings living alongside us. So far, I have seen some who have a physical body, not too different from a human one, only it is bright blue and they are taller and slimmer than us. There are also some light beings, and we can communicate with them telepathically. They are very curious about how it is to live inside a physical body, so they are allowed to “visit” a human body for a limited time if they are invited to do so by a human. I could feel how it was to have such a “house guest” inside, and it was the most loving and amazing experience! I also saw something that looked like spaceships hovering above us, and it was a normal occurrence so no one paid much attention to them.

This is what I have “seen” so far, and I am very curious to know if there are others who have started to experience something similar!

Love and light from me, Aisha / link to original article

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