Laura Bruno – GMO Labeling, Specters And Enchantment – 7 November 2013

laura-of-the-rocksDespite mainstream news already announcing a defeat of Washington State’s I-522 Labeling Law, due to the huge volume of uncounted mail-in ballots, the real numbers won’t speak for themselves for several more days, possibly a week. Since we can and do influence our Reality, I continue to send empowering energy towards a YES vote. Win or lose, the conversation continues, as do labeling initiatives and talk of bans in other states and smaller jurisdictions.

Ultimately, we need to purge these toxic perversions of nature from the face of the Earth before they pervert everything in their wind-pollinated path, and before all the pesticides, herbicides and endocrine disrupting genes destroy humanity. I agree with Mike Adams’ recent call for guerrilla tactics – not violent, but surprising … unexpected, extremely effective gotcha moments. Apparently, Mike’s got a scientific roll-out scheduled for January 7, 2014. I suggest we have a magickal, prayerful, and energetic roll-out effective immediately.

When I tuned in last night to assess ways of banishing Monsatan et al, I received a rather strange message: “Don’t bother hexing them. Monsanto’s a ‘specter.’ You would be wise to strip the specter of its Glamour. There’s nothing substantial beneath the projection. Eating GMO foods is like the old tales of eating food in the Underworld. It’s designed to trap people on the 3D plane. Monsanto’s power comes from an enchantment, nothing more. Remove the enchantment, and no one would accidentally consume such things. It would be like watching a ‘feast’ transform to dirty rocks. Remove the enchantment and no one will fear the specter or eat its food.”

I immediately saw a Scooby Doo cartoon ghost looming over the planet, threatening the “gang” who cowered in a corner, as they wondered how to fight such an enormous, scary, powerful beast. Then I saw the specter malfunction — the costume slipped, unmasking the criminal. In typical Scooby Doo fashion, the gang grew strong again, arrested the unmasked criminal, and Scooby got a (presumably non-GMO) snack. Another vision flashed across my mind. In this one, I saw a mud hut transformed by enchantment into an elaborate, shining castle, complete with horses, knights, royalty, villagers, all shimmering and glimmering, demanding attention and luring unwary travelers to partake of the enchanted feast that would trap them in the castle. A wizard raised his staff and the castle and all its inhabitants crumbled to dust — sand in the desert, deprived of its mirage. I also thought of Hansel and Gretel and the wicked witch who lured them to her oven via the candy house.

All of it.

In addition to Monsatan, I saw so many flashes of other enchantments the masses call “reality” that I seriously wonder if the dreaded “Project Bluebeam” hasn’t already been in effect for decades. Millennia?? There’s something about the food, though, that magnifies the enchantment, just like ancient myths and fairy tales reveal. For years, I’ve felt led to study fairy tales, folklore and myths, because herein lives the wisdom and knowledge suppressed by power structures that would like to remain in control. What better way than to convince the peons that any occult (hidden) knowledge that could possibly empower or guide them is evil, superstitious or silly? Indeed, it has worked quite well for a long, long time.

We speak of a global “awakening,” which hearkens back to stories like Sleeping Beauty and Rip Van Winkle. It’s not just about the lyrics of Amazing Grace: “I once was blind, but now I see,” and it’s not just “awakening from the dream,” since Dreamtime represents a powerful way of creating action in our waking world. Rather it’s like a fairy tale enchantment and the need to dismantle, disrupt or disperse that enchantment. Any of those methods would work, since if it appears even just slightly less solid, it becomes transparent, no longer effective. If produced via technology, then EMP’s, solar flares and space weather can disrupt. So can hackers. Animals chewing wires, regular wear and tear, and something as simple as rust or as powerful as an earthquake can dismantle.

But another guerrilla warfare strategy comes to mind, as well. Those of us who know how, or who have enough determination to learn how, or who are willing to outsource such things to beings from the Faery Realm who most assuredly do know how, we can hijack the enchantment itself, similar to the famous Tokyo Rose taking to the airwaves in WW2. Physical labels in the physical realm would grab attention and raise questions, yes. But if we’re really dealing with an enchantment, then perhaps we would also be wise to project enchanted labels right into the enchantment itself. Piggy back on the pervasive illusion, modifying it with our creativity and will. In a world of all possibilities, why the heck wouldn’t we insert some sort of “tag” that accompanies all GMO propaganda, crops and food? A glitch in the Matrix, a flicker in the enchantment, enough to give people pause so they experience an in the moment choice to accept or reject the imprisoning Frankenfoods.

We live in a free will Universe, but it only feels free when people realize they have a choice. We cannot make those choices for them, but we can make choices more obvious.

“All’s fair in love and war”

A transhuman, computerized, “scientific” force has been fighting an undeclared war on humanity for at least 13,000 years, probably far longer. The only reason this war remains undeclared is because most of humanity has been too oblivious to read the memo. The writing is on the wall. It has been on the wall for centuries, but in the past few years, that writing has turned to flashing neon lights. It’s in the courts, in the dying sea life, the poisonous chemtrails, the anal police probes (literally!), and the fracking that sends fire from faucets instead of water. For some bizarre reason, people continue to choose this as their reality. We cannot force them to change their minds; however, we can make the choice points much more obvious. The Universe itself has begun to do so; that’s why we witness so much contrast these days. Those fence posts are getting mighty pointy! Sooner or later, the sitters will need to jump off.

In this time of Harvest, density separation, dimensional rift — whatever you choose to call it — our choices matter. As in, they give form and structure to our material reality. I’m nonviolent by temperament, practicality and belief, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to defend myself. I also feel, as I’ve shared before, that visionaries who can see beyond the enchantment and imagine something preferable have a sacred duty to bring some of those visions into tangible form. That might be through painting, poetry, lyrical prose, or gardening … through soulful community involvement designed to heal the people through healing the land … through creating alternative currencies and financial paradigms … through sharing off-grid technologies … through finding our gifts and inventing ways to infuse our world with them.

I always come back to the Hopi Prophecy: “This can be a good time.” We need to recognize our own skills, power and capabilities. We need to remember that warning “labels” can take many forms. Packaging whose ink runs, foul tastes or odors, a burning feeling in the hands when picking up some poisonous “natural” chemical concoction, dreams about nightmarish Frankenfoods… . How we’ve limited ourselves in our labeling efforts! We’re not fighting an ordinary war with ordinary tools, but we can level the playing field by getting creative. Slip through timelines, use our Dreamtime, work with interdimensional and interdensity allies. There are abundantly more of us than them, and since the perversions of our Natural World affect other worlds and other realms, we have many more allies than most people imagine. This can be a fun time. “The Goddess is alive and magic is afoot.”

So is Mischief.

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