Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Pull Up The Shades Of Your Heart – 8 November 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

Beloveds, today is the day in front of you, so love it. Set yourself up for a great day! Anticipate it. Welcome it. Treat it with respect. Hail it. Make today a shining day, a golden day.

Why not a holy day today? What not a day today when you listen to the beat of My heart? Why not a day today that awes you, has you dancing with joy, right with Me where I AM right with you?

Why not an uncanny day? Why not today a day that you take on as your emboldened golden partner in evolution? There are many steps of evolution. You will experience many.

Every day can be a heyday. A lot depends upon how you greet the day. You do recognize that you are the host to today? Welcome today whatever today may look like. Give today a comfortable seat in your heart. Nourish it.

Just as a day may start overcast and the sun bursts forth, so can you be part of this day’s blossoming into full sunshine.

Today is a precious day no matter what it looks like or seems to presage. Like an umbrella on a windy rainy day, today can turn inside out and reveal its tender underbelly. In any case, be more concerned with how you treat today rather than how today seems to treat you. You don’t know everything, not by a long shot.

Never were you told to welcome only sunny days that seem to fall onto their knees for you.

You are not an old-time cop who directs traffic, starting and stopping it.  In fact, your responsibility to today is to bless it and wave it forward. You harbor today and do not go by its appearance. Today, offer your heart as a haven for everyone you meet.

Meet today with anticipation of My appearing before you today. Look for Me. Listen to My Voice. Encourage today to shine in all its glory. And, if you see today as a dark day, pull up the shades of your heart and welcome it anyway.

Today is a day of your life. A day of your life! It brings you precious cargo. Look for it. Do not look for trouble. Look for sprouts of love to grow. Be you a grower of love. With love burgeoning in your heart, can you be downcast? Love is an inviter. Love nourishes you, your day, everything. You may be disappointed that today isn’t your favorite day. Well, then, let today be water rolling off your back.

Despite the darkness of any one day, the sun is shining just the same. Beloveds, do not close the door on any day. Even in the depths of life lie the heights of life. Be open to today and find the blessings in it. If you can find tragedy, you can also find blessing. You can be sure that no matter how difficult you may see the presentation of today, somewhere within it, sunshine and gold sparkle. This is inevitable.

Even if today seems like the darkest day of your life, it has a gift for you. Today itself is a great gift, and it is a day to strengthen your heart and therefore your awareness, and, therefore, your power. At the very least, you are strength being tempered. Steel is stronger than iron. You are being treated to growth, and grow you will. Consider life as a foundry where you find your mettle. Your mettle is Greatness, beloveds.

You don’t just grow one way. There are many ways to grow. The day is coming when you will rise every day to meet the sun. / link to original article

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