Laura Bruno – One Conscious Young Woman’s Response To Russell Brand – 8 November 2013

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This essay is especially interesting to me because published by the New Statesman, the same magazine that Russell Brand guest edited (and served as his platform on the Jeremy Paxman BBC interview, where he appeared to spontaneously incite “the revolution”). The New Statesman also happens to be the magazine that Laurie Penny writes for. Her  what I’d call third wave, multifaceted feminist “take” on Russell Brand — and the, unfortunately, still- gendered politics of the revolutionary left — reminds me of the the ’60s when we were young and just waking up and thinking, and saying, in our sisterly “consciousness-raising” circles, many of her same thoughts.

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This very insightful article brings the treatment of women into the Russell Brand, et al version of socialism, which this conscious young woman rather astutely recognizes as “brocialism” … worth a read, especially in light of many visionaries’ (including men’s) calls for a return to balance between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as KEY to a real evolution on this planet. Hint: Real Evolution goes beyond simple revolution.

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