Meredith Murphy – Message From Archangel Michael – Leading Edge Makes A Quantum Leap – 8 November 2013

MeredithMurphy(Channeling given as Daily Message, the morning of the Hybrid Solar Eclipse, Nov. 3, 2013 as part of the the Soar Fest.)

Hello You Love-Beacons!

Yes — you! YOU shining one, you bright and shiny, centered and increasingly contained in your own energies. In your energies, being! Welcome to the New Harmonics! Welcome to a new experience of Earth. Welcome to a new experience of YOU. We are heralding this, because this is what’s happening now! You are being refined. You are being refined in ways that lift you up high and in which you are becoming increasingly self-sustained as you are energized from within. You are becoming self-sustaining. You are tapping into the awareness of your eternalness as your consciousness. With this state of being, you tap into your own perpetuality as experience. You tap into your own knowing of your eternal-ness and you begin to realize and orient to the Source of you, within you, the source of your being, that’s within you. You are getting right to it, going direct. And it is all becoming a very luminous experience of present, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold.

For it changes you are experiencing, change the way you can be experienced. For those who, as we do, relate consciously to you as energy you’ve got a new look today! For your clarity is expanded. You are vibrating with the energies which have infused your planet. These energies have been transmitted from the Great Central Sun to your Sun, and have been elevating your reference point for your own leading edge. You are now emerging into a new platform of existence.

With these energies your own leading edge has taken a quantum leap forward.

It will take some time, and we really mean some time — as in years — for you individually and you collectively, to fully incorporate. To move into Unison with the leading edge that shone forth upon your world today. It took place in a flash of illumination. It took place with the Eclipse. But you are now being directed by this energy. It’s influential, it’s absolute. It’s absolute in it’s intent and it’s influential in it’s frequency,

So you’re now oriented and being directed by an underlying rhythm of the Universal Mind of Creation. It has risen up from now and the transmissions to your planet. So you’re being infused — from within you, from your own fullness of being and the connection to Source Creation which you innately are — and from the waves of light softly, gently washing your planet in loving harmony. You’re in kind of a clarity sandwich. You’re being entrained and impulsed into greater clarity and coherence from within and from the world. And all forms of life around you are feeling this elevation. Everything is aglow with the light of creation and the song, the harmonics of this expression, is so exquisite, so uplifted, so harmonizing, so capable of holding everything and lifting it up, that it is softly, gently, drawing all of Earth into an expansive version of the leading edge.

What was is now over. What is is unfolding and it is new and it is splendid and it is within you. For you are absorbing it and you are embodying it. You are allowing it. And as you do this, you are becoming more refined. You’re becoming refined.

There is no effort needed to receive the gift of these transmissions of love. In fact, effort interferes with your ability to receive. So please, if you do anything today, take striving,and making effort off the plate, out of the mix and right now, right here, decide you’re ready to live with the knowledge that you really can do this easily. That you’re ready to let life be easy. You’re ready to see all the ways that you have been striving, all the ways you have a tendency to create effort in the way you’re living and that you are open to seeing these patterns and that you would like to be assisted to let them go. I invite you now to make this decision.

I also invite you to be disciplined in doing this. Discipline is about strength of focus and it is about, in fact, decisiveness. It’s not about effort. It’s about being clear and making decisons. It’s not about having a preference that lasts for a moment. It’s about making a decision about what you are how you live, and what you’re available for. So to be clear is to be disciplined because when you are disciplined you are, out of love for you, you choose and live your standards from the clarity at the fullest, wisest, most informed edge of your experience. So I encourage you to use discipline to live in them now. To live the light of the New Creation, of the New Harmonics, as an upgraded version of you.

These energies, this energy sandwich you are experiencing within and now in the world, they’re all about clarity. Transparency has been a big theme this year and with transparency, comes vision, comes insight, comes greater perception about what’s really you and what’s not. You are in a perpetual process and now you are being profoundly directed and impulsed from all that you into a refined, distilled, into a uplifted, whole, idealized essence extension of the fullness of you. You’re becoming, a rarity. A wonder. An amazingly beautiful distinction, a special, discrete, singular coherent self-sustaining, sovereign, identity of Luminous being. A Unity of Spirit.

That is all we have to say to you today, for today really is not about words, it’s about basking in the light of immense love. So for the rest of your day, as much as you have time to do so, and we will  join you. We encourage you to be part of a communion of light, and open to bask in this immense love bathing your planet in the highest version of the New Harmonics yet transmitted to Earth. And which Earth, is more then prepared to receive and integrate and move into Unison with!

May you, in your inner wisdom, commit to your own disciplined decisiveness, so that you might too, join in this reunion of a greater expression of the fullness of your being.

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