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It is raining today. I am inside where it is dry and warm and my thoughts have been drifting all over the place. I had one strong thought come to me however, and it stopped me quietly in my tracks and suddenly everything began to make sense to me. For quite a while I have struggled to figure out what I would write about as we moved forward on our journey and got further and further away from everything we knew as part of the 3D world. I took time off in hopes of getting a second wind and rediscovering new subjects to write about so I could proceed ahead on this journey. What I failed to see and accept at the time, was the fact my job was complete, I had done what was needed when it was needed over the last two years to try help get us to where we are now along with along with many other bloggers. What I realized finally was the fact there will be others who come behind me now and carry on where I leave off, if in fact we even need that.

My thoughts and messages were appropriate for these last two years of our journey out of the darkness and into our hearts, but now we have evolved to a different space outside of all we have ever known. We are treading through new territory now which is why it is time to be writing our own stories. We are all winging it in this new world, there is no longer a road map or directions to follow, so we best be paying close attention to what we are doing and where we are going, not what somebody else is telling us. The going within and finding our heart spaces was all part of the 3D world we were still entangled in. We have pushed beyond that space now into 4 and 5D and beyond for some. We are making things up as we go along now into the new world, and spiritual blogs and websites are now for support and friendship more than anything else as we trundle along towards the light of ever beckoning freedom.

My blog will remain up for reading by those just waking up and are still in need of guidance as to what is happening and where they are going. If something strongly moves me or something compelling occurs in the world, I will of course share my thoughts on what is taking place so we can all make sense of what is happening. I may continue to drop something off once a week or I may not, it just all depends where my life wishes me to go next. I obviously am not ready to break all ties just yet. I do not pretend to know where exactly we are going or what lies ahead, I am in the dark along with the rest of the world as we thrust forward into the unknown. I am just flowing along willingly wherever I am guided to go, trusting that all is as it should be and all will indeed be well.

My thanks to all my readers who have been with me on this amazing journey. Sharing it will all of you has been a great experience and one I will always remember. So many wonderful friends I have made. I am not completely gone just yet, just fading slowly out until that day comes.

Blessings to us all,

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