Bill Ballard – 3D Ego And 4D Spiritual Ego In Relation To 5D-6D Ascension – 12 November 2013

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Ego is a wonderful tool that has helped us in our 3D experience and survival. In 4D Ego becomes a domination of others and self importance which many times leads to selfishness, control, manipulation, lying, cheating and whatever else that keeps one in their upper admiration of self in relation to the incarnation the individual is currently having. Yes there is spiritual ego as one begins to find out who they are and are fractals of… But I have to say speaking of one’s experience, enlightenment or process of ascension IS NOT Speaking Spiritual Ego. If we cannot speak our paths, the experience we are having that got us to the current level of LIGHT, frequency and integration with higher self(s) then this ascension of the collective of humanity may take some 200+ years as James Tyberonn channeling Lord Metatron has also stated… So what do ya want, everyone who is going through their enlightenment process to shut up and be quiet? For those newly awakening who are not yet activated and playing in 4D, how to you think we got to this point of ascending Mother Earth and those of humanity who have already stepped into their ascension and activated themselves? Haha… THAT IS A TRICKY ONE!

People have accused me of Spiritual Ego these past days who themselves have not yet stepped into 5D via activation of their heart chakra. If I am putting another down intentionally in the statement of that last sentence then that would be Spiritual Ego. But from an observation point of someone who has “Activated into higher initiations of Light Body” which IS ASCENSION, speaking that is not meant from ego, but only from an observational point of view. Others are speaking and have written that IF someone is speaking of their personal enlightenment process that is spiritual ego… haha… I have to say from an observational viewpoint of 5-6D consciousness that those saying that is operating out of ego is themselves operating out of ego… ha… What a catch 22!

This is a subject that DOES need to be discussed and comprehended as there are many layers of ego in the various lower dimensional realms that those in the lower dimensional realms cannot comprehend the higher, YET… They will! WE ARE ALL ASCENDING! How long that takes depends on how long it takes to bring the consciousness levels of humanity into the higher realms… WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

So many persons newly awakening don’t really comprehend the levels of higher consciousness, YET… But they will. In this video I discuss the ego in relations to levels of dimensional awareness and how the ego works within each of those levels and what one can expect… If we don’t get over this fear of speaking OF OUR PERSONAL ENLIGHTENMENT, then maybe it will take some 200+ years to ascend the collective of humanity… That’s not a problem to me… how about YOU??? I will still be around.. hehe

I suggest to KNOW what IS EGO… Identify it, get over it and the fear of having spiritual ego which will resolve itself as one truly goes through their ascension process. It’s simply a HEAD vs. HEART thingy… hehe… The easiest way to get there…. BE LOVE!

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